Hot flashes for how long?

Serica2July 18, 2003

Do any of you out there in Menopause Land know how long the hot flashes will go on? I went off HRT very gradually-over a period of 2 months-but I found out that you can't fool Mother Nature! She's had the last laugh with me because I get hot flashes now every 2 hours. Thank goodness I don't get the night sweats, and my moods are pretty good.I have been taking the soy isoflavins for 2 weeks now, but it'd be a stretch to say they've helped much. So now I'm adding black cohosh, figured it couldn't hurt.

So now it's been since March with the flashes(or power surges, as I like to think of them) and I'm wondering how much longer I'll have to put up with this. It's so tempting to go back on the HRT. I felt so good on them.

I took them on and off(mostly on) for 15 years and my doctor told me that since I'd taken them that long the damage had been done as far as my risk factors are concerned(She didn't use those words!) so I'm thinking "what the heck" why not?

Anyway, that's my case in a nutshell. Anyone been through the flashes, come out the other end, and can give me an idea what I have to look forward to?

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wish I could help, when I went off HRT for a few months , those Hot Flashes came back within a week,,with a vengence!
Once I thought they only lasted a year,, but my Dr.asked me where in the world i got that idea. they can go on for years and years and get the picture.
Anyway I went back on a mild dose of HRT. And like you I think at this stage in my life the damage has already been done,, BUT the benefits are better. JMHO.

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also might add, I asked my ObGyn about eating tofu to combat the flashes, he said I would have to eat tofu the size of the examining table to get the relief that tiny little pill gives. I also tried the Herbal remedies to no avail. But to each his own.
My GP said if I do decide to go off HRT to get on the bone medication quickly as you lose mega bone density the first three years after stopping HRT. Say what you will HRT does help with bone density.

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If you are getting estrogen thru the soy - and I love the soy milk and drink it for breakfast every morning!, you also need Progesterone to keep the estrogen in balance. Natural Progesterone Cream is a really great way to help with the hot flashes! I have a good source for it by mail - much cheaper than the health food stores, but GOOD stuff. I will use it the rest of my life! Dr John Lee wrote, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" and told years ago how bad HRT was for the doctors are taking women off that stuff finally! It's an excellent book and in most health food stores! $12-13 and worth every penny.

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I'm with Lois! I read Dr. John Lee's book and started using progesterone cream. It has been my lifesaver -- I was having 18 to 20 flashes a day (and night!) as well as insomnia. Started using the progesterone cream and stopped having the flashes and could sleep well again. It took about 3 weeks before my symptoms disappeared. Try the cream - you have nothing to lose except those pesky hot flashes.

By the way, I just heard a doctor on the radio the other day say that they have found that black cohosh caused cancer in mice. Just be aware.


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