What are your FSH and estradiol levels?

catherinetJuly 24, 2007

Hi all,

I haven't had a period in 3 years, but still feel hormone fluctuations. For several months I've had nausea and dizziness and have had a ton of tests.......including GI and ENT and now OB/GYN. I really think it is from my hormones, since all the other tests are normal. My labs came back today and they are: Estrogen 35, FSH 38. The doc says they are consistent with menopause. I realize that these levels can really vary day-to-day. I'm curious if the rest of you who are in menopause know what your most recent lab values were? Thanks.

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Hi Catherinet, not just day to day but hour to hour. I havent had the salvia gathering test which is the 300 dollars one that takes all day. The kit has you using labeled vials. It is quite nasty. But I am not sure how accurate that one is either. That is why most drs. roll their eyes at checking those levels. I too have some nausea. I am tired of going to the dr. they dont know much and at least mine is too young to know what I am feeling first hand. Maybe that is the ticket, finding a female dr. that is going thru all of it. I bet she'll be on hormones! :-) take care and know that you are among friends! Shotzy now 53!

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Hi shotzy,
I'm sorry you're having such a rough time too. I definitely think it helps to have an OB/GYN who has been through this! Mine went through it about the same time I was and I can't imagine how she was able to keep functioning in her job. Yes, she went on HRT, and it helped her alot.
When I started through perimenopause, I got horrendous headaches all the time. It was a nightmare. I couldn't even function. My doc sent me to a "reproductive endocrinologist". She was young. And I think her love was of reproduction.......not menopause. When I told her I was having horrible headaches that I was sure were hormone related, she looked at me with this blank stare, like she had no idea what I was talking about! Needless to say, I didn't go back. How can anyone in OB/GYN not know you can get headaches from fluctuationg hormones???
But I do remember getting an estrogen level one day of 44, and then a couple days later it was 440!
Do you think you could find an OB/GYN who's been through this?
Thanks Shotzy

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I guess I could call around and find out how old the drs. are. They have to tell me huh? I hate the vaginal stuff more than anything. It isnt like I have a wonderful love life, but I would love to think I "could" if I wanted too. The higher dosed hormones make my breast hurt. So I am still on the lowest Prempro. But I am six feet above ground, what more can a woman want! I will let you know about my hunt for the right gyn. Thanks, Shotzy

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My FSH is 105 and my LH is 44.5, which I think is post-menopausal. Could have fooled me!

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I wonder if we're all different, in terms of the levels meaning menopause. I haven't had a period in 3 years.....but my FSH is so much lower than your's. Are you still having periods Cheerful? Because FSH gets really high right before ovulation. My doc didn't test my LH.

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I haven't had a period since March. There are times where it feels like I'm ovulating, but nothing happens. Two years ago, my FSH was around 55.

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I imagine our FSH continues to fluctuate alot too. Mine seemed so low compared to yours, but maybe your's was high because you were ovulating?? Trying to figure this stuff out can drive a person crazy!

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Got my bloodwork back today. My FSH is 103, my LH is 29.5, my estradiol is 22, prolactin is 22.3, and progesterone is .2

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My numbers are FHS=8, LH=2.5, E2=21. I am 46 now. Is that normal? or Premenopausal? My doctor didn't tell me anything after the test. She only said you are OK.

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