Over 3 months...

ballysharonJuly 10, 2010

since I've had a period. I did this one other time about a year ago. But last night I would have sworn it was coming. I went to bed with cramps, I've been really emotional, too...plus my chin was breaking out.

I think this might be a phantom period. Anyone else experience this?

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Yes, for sure. Just because you haven't had a period in awhile, doesn't mean your hormones aren't still fluctuating (even without a period).
I've been having PMS at times, even though I haven't had a period in 5 years.
What always told me it was hormones, was the fact that after I'd get PMS symptoms, I'd get a migraine aura.....which always only happened in connection with my period.
And don't let any doctor (especially male), tell you you shouldn't be having these phantom-type periods. Sometimes our hormones can fluctuate for years after our periods stop, unfortunately!

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