Help ASAP! period starting bad timing

2ajsmamaJuly 1, 2014

I know I can't count on 4 weeks anymore between periods (a couple of months ago I had 2 18 days apart) but I was thinking it would hold off until after the holiday. Last month was June 9 - and now I'm seeing red. Supposed to drive 3 hours to Boston (in the rain) tomorrow, sit through 8 hours of dance competition on Thurs, come back Friday afternoon after a Duck Tour and/or museum visit (another 3 hours or more depending on holiday traffic).

I have 1 pack of BCP left from last year (I went off at Xmas). Think if I start taking it now it will slow things down? Usually the first full day is very heavy (as in soaking an overnight pad in an hour or 2, sometimes gushing).

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Hi ajsmama!

I'm new to the forum and came across your message. Just curious as to what your outcome was. I'm starting a women's group and enjoy hearing how women overcome their obstacles, whatever they may be...including a cycle that starts, out of cycle ;) Hope all went well for you!

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I don't know if you are aware, but groups of women living together for long periods of time somehow end up with matching menstrual cycles ... each woman slowly shifts her cycle unconsciously till it matches the women around her.

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Yes, I went through that in college. But DD's too young right now, that's not the problem.

I did take a couple of pills (from the last week of the pack - more progesterone in that) and it held off until I got home. Still terrible hot flashes - last hour of driving I barely made it, had to pull over at pizza place 20 miles from home and try to cool down, the A/C in car wasn't helping enough. Next day got my period, 2AM the day after that had worst flood I've ever experienced - like a miscarriage. I'm going to ask my dr about going on HRT if she doesn't want me on the Pill.

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