andy rooney eyebrows

ralf58July 2, 2006

Is anyone else fighting this? I have three or four hairs in each eyebrow that are coarse and grow very fast, so that they stick out. I pluck them out and back they come. I'm terrified of looking like Andy Rooney, so I've developed this nervous habit of smoothing my eyebrows and feeling for coarse hairs.

By the way, this is my first post here. I'm 47 and I've been having slightly irregular periods for about three years. The eyebrow thing started about the same time.


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yes....@$%@&^! I also have hairs appearing around my chin! ARGH! *more swearing!* Hormones are ALL messed up! :o( I think that you are supposed to keep plucking till you reach the age where it doesn't matter anymore. :D

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Have had this "chin hair thing" for a few years. It keeps getting worse. (runs in the family, one cousin actually had a beard-had laser hair removal)(her g-mother used to pluck and pluck, when she went to a nursing home no one plucked and she looked terrible, but did not know it!)
Went to an electrologist for a month and now the few I get are manageable. I think shaving them was the worst thing I could have done. Now I pluck the strays.

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yup, I have the weird eyebrow hair. I hate to pluck because other then those, my eyebrows have gotten too thin.

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I have that too! I was trying to remember the other day if my eyebrows had always been like that and I had just never noticed. In the morning I lick my fingertips and try to "slick" the dang things down! LOL. doesn't seem to help, but glad I am not the only one with this.

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My eyebrows are getting thinner. They were heavy when I was a teen, I plucked like mad three times a week, then they were fine for about twenty years, now I'm going bald in the eyebrows!

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