estrigene implant

Fat_DaddyJuly 18, 2003

my wife had this done? bless her heat she has had a hard time.

no energey, no sex drive, all her levels are LOW.

She is 48 Dr tried this to put implants in back but its not working. Any body had this before.

Fat Daddy

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Fat Daddy, i don't have info on the implants, but ... your wife's symptoms could very possibly be due to an underactive thyroid . Ask her doctor to have a TSH test done and if the result is higher than 3 yet lower than what they label as "normal", she probably has subclinical hypothyroidism (that's what my diagnosis was when my results came in at 4.5). If her doctor won't prescribe thyroid meds for subclinical hypothyroidism, GO TO ANOTHER DOCTOR. I suffered those symptoms for years, finally got fed up and tried a new doctor, then another until I found one who was not rigid but willing to think for himself/herself. It's worth a try, it has made a big difference in my energy level, depressed mood, cold sensitivity and hair loss. Good luck.

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These Implants are FINE... Wife has energy and were having the
best SEX we have ever had. Im sold on them.

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