Heart Palpatations

moliere42July 31, 2008


I am new to heart palpitations. I'm a tiny 66-year old lady and have had continuous heart palps for about a month. Initially, they were pretty wild and I became alarmingly out of breath. But that hasn't happened to me again to any great extent. Right now they're causing my left breast to move up and down very, very slightly. There's also a faint, detectable stirring in between my breasts.

For years I have been drinking too much caffein. Also, I smoke between 3-7 cigarettes a day. Since these palps have started I've been weaning myself off of them. I'm down to between 3-4.

In reading some of the messages on heart palps, I note a connection with hypoglycemia. I have experienced that jittery feeling that stops a lot quicker if I stuff myself with protein, usually cheese. Several months agao the paramedics were called because I was feeling extremely lightheaded. My blood pressure was a little bit high. I was given cookies and milk and told to eat a cookie every day. Which I do.

What I would like to know is, does this sound like I am in a lot of trouble?

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Hi moliere,
I know you don't want to hear this, but you need to see the doctor. There's just no way of knowing, without some cardiac tests.
I'm glad you're trying to cut down on your smoking, and caffeine can definitely cause or worsen them.
You could try taking calcium and magnesium. That always helped with my palpitations.
Your palpitations could be completely harmless. Lots of people have them. But you really need to be tested to make sure there's not a problem. Try not to be scared. The testing is all fairly easy. Good luck to you.

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catherinet you are a star lovey ive had bad thumping palps since sept 08 was at me wits end with them and have decided i am perimenopausal have read your page rushed out got me some magnesium and calcium tablets started them immediatly 2 a day and blow me they have stopped i feel sooo relieved have just informed my gp what i am doing she was well impressed going to look into it she said thanku thanku so much what a life saver who would have thaught something so simple would help so much is it safe to keep taking them for long periods of time or should i limit my use im currently taking 333mg calcium combined with 166 magnesium 5mg zinc is it safe to take 2 of these with 500mg primrose oil with vit e 1 a day

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Hi Catherinet i am wondering now what dosage of magnesium and calcium is safe to take daily and is it safe to take it for long periods of time i do have pounding palps a lot which have lessened since i started on the mag n calc suppliments does it tend to cause heartburn and loose bowels whilst i dont want to stop taking it i want to find out whats safe for me i am 46 my doctor and me both convinced i am peri had full hysterectomy 16 yrs ago 1 ovary left am having hot sweats feelings of panic and extreem fatigue when i get the palps i just doze / sleep all day cannot do a thing ,i get weird adrenalin rushes ,i wake up sometimes feeling like i cannot get enough air , i wake up wheezy and coughing ,i have days where i just want to cry weep and then i have days where i feel great fab high almost ,i make the most of these days i can go shopping drink wine laugh . recently on a holiday to gran canaria with my man i was having panic attacks palps i was struggling with my temper as well iv booked to go to turkey in sept and ma hoping that this will be a better vacation than the last one becaus eof the magnesium and calcium i can take with me just wondered if you have any of these symptoms am i normal do i sound peri to u and so u have any info on the magnesium doses that are safe i live in england and am so glad i found this site

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