periods 9 years after menopause!

ginnymurrayJuly 22, 2008

I have been on HRT for approx. 2 years..I am 59 years old.. (prometrium & vivelle dot patch). Last year, I had 2 periods (thought it was odd, but thought it might be altitude related, since I was visiting Colorado both times! ) Now I am having a period in my home state, out of nowhere, lasting more than 5 days w/cramps. Is this normal? My ob/gyn wants to do an ultrasound. Does anyone know what this entails? Is this a non-invasive ultrasound? Has this happened to anyone else? Of course I am scared to death about CANCER. Comments, anyone?

Similar experiences?

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Hi ginny,
I've had several transvaginal ultrasounds, which is what I'm thinking your doc wants you to have. They are easy and not painful. They insert a probe up your vagina, and get good pics of the thickness of the uterus and of the ovaries.
Try not to worry about some awful disease. Hormones can do weird things. When is your ultrasound?

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Ginny, did you see your GYN? It's not normal for a woman to start having periods again after going through menopause. You need to be checked right away if you haven't already gone to your doctor.

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My mother-in-law was 76, 26 years post-menopause for her, when her doc decide maybe hormone replacement would help her early-alzheimer's symptoms. Within two days of hormone therapy, she was almost hemorrhaging.

Artificially replacing hormones can be a benefit in some cases, but can cause sudden, dramatic events in others.

I am curious as to why at age 59 you have been on HRT for two years... were you really late in undergoing menopause?

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