One Year down...

teresavaApril 22, 2002

Well, we made it one year! Our anniversary was yesterday, so I guess we aren't newlyweds anymore?

We spent most of the day packing, because we are closing this friday on our new house! Our first home together!

He surprised me by making reservations at a nice seafood restaurant and we had a lovely dinner. We both agreed the house would be our gifts to one another (probably for the next 30 years also!!LOL)

How do you spend anniversaries?

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Congrats!!!!!!!! You're one month ahead of me -- our one-year anniversary will be next month, and I'm not sure what we'll be doing. Hopefully on our 2 year anniversary WE will be packing up for our first house. Hope you have many more!! =)

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Awwww, Congrats Teresa!! I wish you many, many, more of those.. lol

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Congrats on your one year anniversary and on your new home. We usually just buy each other a card and maybe have a nice dinner out.

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Congratulations on the one year. We don't usually go all out for our anniversaries but we get a big present that we both can enjoy - okay not as big as a house, but a tv, refridgerator or a digital camera has been some of our gifts to each other. It seems like after kids the day just doesn't seem as big of a deal to us.

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DH doesn't believe in b'days, anniversaries, christmas, etc so, with the exception of a him uttering happy anniversary after he greets me in the morning, it's just like any other day...

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Lianne.. that's horrible... Do you mind that he is that way??? Forget for a minute what "he" believes ... what about what you believe? Gee, I think an anniversary is important.. It's a celebration of another year. So many couples don't make it today and when you do.... you should actually celebrate it.. BUT.. if it's okay with you....???? I would just hate to think that it makes you sad?!?!?

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Congratulations on your new home!

This year, for our 13th, DH & I had LUNCH together. He's been working on a project at work for the past 18 months (completion date May 15) and that's all he had time for. We usually go out someplace nice for dinner, but not this year.

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