Anyone ever buy/use shades that open top to bottom?

straitloverJanuary 24, 2008

I am looking for a shade for my 3rd BR/office. My computer sits right in front of the window and I don't like it showing right there (inviting to thieves?). So, I was considering getting a pleated shade I saw on the JC Penney website that opens at the top to the bottom 9actually it can open either way). That way, I could have light in the room but still hide the computer. Anyone ever use this kind of blind? Not necessarily the JCP one but that style in general. Are they a pain to open/close? Do they look good?

Also, I will be putting some kind of other WT up (valance, etc). Will it look dumb to have the blind open (bare window) at the top w/ another WT?

What I would really like is a patterned roman shade so I could forego any other WT (window is in the right hand corner of the wall w/ only abt 5 inches from the window casing to the corner so no fancy decorative rods for this window!), but you can't do a RS that opens from the top - LOL!

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I installed top-down, bottom-up shades in my last bathroom, and they were great!

The only problem for us, was that the cleaning ladies could not figure out how to work them, and they always ended up cock-eyed... the shades, not the ladies... LOL!

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Where did you get yours? The one at JCP I am looking at is on sale for $19.99 (reg $35.00). I wonder if they're cheapo?

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I have them in my living room (installed by the previous owner) and they are great. It's nice to be able to drop the top a little bit, raise the bottom a little bit and let in some light without blasting the room (south-facing). It's nice for showing off the transoms too. Sorry, I can't help on price since I didn't buy them, but I know that custom ones like what we have would be in the hundreds of dollars per window here (Canada)....not sure what JCPenny is selling, but I would assume they are not custom?

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They're great for blocking street or parking views. I think they look fine. Don't know about their convenience, though.

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No, they are not custom. Thye ocme in odd inch widths (23, 25, 27, etc) I have to measure my window to make sure the 27" will fit. If it doesn't, then it doesn't matter I guess - LOL! If the window is the same as in my MBR, then it might not because I had to get the cut-to-fit faux wood blind at Lowes as 27" was too narrow.

Since the open both ways, is the hardware where the shade attaches on the sides of the window???

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Friend of mine has some in her guest-room that I really like. She's had them at least 10 years and they seem to be holding up fine. (She lives about 200 miles away so I've clocked a number of nights in her guest room!) I've never asked her where she got them as I really don't need them in my current house but, as far as I can tell, they look very much like the ones shown on the JC Penney site.

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I have had mine in my bedroom for 10 years and I still love them and they still look brand new. I do not have a valence, I have lined curtain panels.

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I have them in both my office and my son's bedroom, and love them. Honestly they are almost always open at the top to let in the light, yet provide privacy since these room are on the street side of the house. However, the ones in my son's room are room darkening ones, and subsequently are heavier, so they buckle out if you lower them too much. The ones in the office are nicer. The ones I have are cellular so also have insulating properties which is a plus.

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I had them in the last house and now this one : ) Used them in the bedroom for privacy but with sunlight. I purchased mine from HD and they were special order but still a good price.............I think they were Hunter Douglas but not sure. The ones in my newer home were purchased from a specialty blind store.
I would do it again in a heart beat. Luv em !

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We have them on our first floor and in our bedroom. Our house is on a corner, where we get a lot of foot traffic and a fair amount of car traffic, so I like being able to have the light without feeling like we're exposed to the street.

Ours are from Smith & Noble. They were comparably priced to other custom blinds, and I was just neutral on the buying experience. I like the blinds, though.

Good luck!


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The hardware is at the top, like a regular blind. When you lower the top down, there are strings that show, but it doesn't look bad and they are almost invisible.

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Christine Decker

I have them and love them also. I am in so. calif and I change them from top to bottom as the sun changes during the seasons. I have some from American Blinds and some from JC
Pennys. The first are the best quality but the Pennys ones are fine as long as you are not opening and closing them several times a day. I love having the versatility!

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Not only do I have them, I also made my own top down/bottom up roman shades. I love being able to open the top and let in the light, but keep my privacy.

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I have double Cellular blinds (Alta from Budget Blinds) in my home office and love them except I dislike the long cords that keep tangling. I also wish I had gone with Hunter Douglas to get one big light filter single cell Duet blind on my two windows with retractaible cords.

For my bedroom, I bought the Architella Duet Hunter Douglas Cellular blinds with the retractable cords in a 3/4" size. I love the bigger pleat size, I like the soft look, I love the insulating properties, and I love the top down/bottom up feature with no cords tangling and all cords staying the same length. I am just not crazy about the Linen color at night since it gets too brown for the look I wanted in my bedroom and I wish I went with the Daisy White.

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Well, I guess the JCP blind is out unless they can be trimmed on the ends. I measured the window, and the inside is 25 7/8" (maybe 15/16, I didn't have my reading glasses on). The 25" blind would be way too small leaving almost 1/2" on each side (1/4" is the standard, right?). I will see if they sell them in the stores and check if they can be trimmed. Otherwise, I guess it's either custom (big bucks!) or just get the Levolor cut to length 2" faux wood blinds from Lowes like I have everywhere else in the house.

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I have them throughout my house and love them.

I got mine from

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