estrogen along with progesterone

texasoneJuly 30, 2014

I am 56 and have been in menopause for a while. I still have my uterus and everything else down there. I have had no trouble with any kind of menopause symptoms besides being very "dry" down there. My dr put me on a very small dose of estrogen cream to use that would thicken things up down there after a while. My question is if I am taking estrogen shouldn't I be taking some progesterone too?
Dr said no since I am not pg and I dont have any other symptoms besides the dryness which the bioidentical estrogen I just got on should help. Couldnt afford the premarin so am on Estriol 1mg. But don't you balance the estrogen w progesterone? I don't understand this hormone business at all. Please help me.

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It is not recommended to take any kind of hormones unless you have a very serious problem. There was a study years ago and the participants were women doctors. The women stopped the study and would not take anymore hormones because strokes and heart attacks resulted. Very dangerous stuff, especially if you have taken them before and start again. That is why women don't have to have paps test after a certain age because the body no longer makes the "dangerous" stuff. Dangerous was my GYN's term.

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It is my understanding that bio identical estrogen is usually dispensed with some progesterone. But I question your doc for suggesting Premarin in the first place. This is the stuff we are supposed to stay away from.

You are better off taking the bio identical hormones instead of Premarin because that is NOT a substance that is found in our bodies like the bio identical stuff is.

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So if I am just using a small amount of cream estrogen for my dry vagina problem do I also need to take progesterone too. Even if my only menopause problem is the dryness? I keep hearing take as little hormones as possible but I also hear that they should be balanced so what is right? My dr told me I did not need progesterone since i am in menopause and have no other menopausal symptoms except dryness. Does this sound right?

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Texasone, the rationale is that the dose of estrogen delivered by these creams is so low and local that progesterone is not required. I googled "conjugated estrogen cream progesterone" and that seems to be the answer on at least several sites that came up (I've linked one, the abstract of a journal paper, below).

Hormones taken orally were the ones involved in the studies stopped early, not hormones in creams applied topically.

Here is a link that might be useful: estrogen/progesterone

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