hair ?

Louisiana_greetingsJuly 25, 2004

Have a problem with hair showing up where I really don't want it!! Does anyone have this problem?

Growing on chin and face and up to naval and chest.What is the solution, I'm 58 and on hormones, been on them for 20 years, hair just started growing wild bout 8 mths. ago! HELP- YUK, I really hate it :)

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If you haven't already, see your GYN. Sounds like a hormone imbalance. Your dosage may need to adjusted

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I asked my doctor about unwanted hair, he said it was a gift from your grandmother, not a hormone problem. Ahhh, Grandma, I don't want your gift, she didn't hear me. I got it anyway. :o(

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I have a friend who had a complete hysterectomy in her early 20's...she occasionally has to have her hormones adjusted. Too many male (androgens?) hormones can cause excess hair growth, I think. She also had slight male pattern baldness...nothing a perm didn't hide, but hormone related.
Agree w/ both above...some people are just naturally hairier...and adjusting hormones should help a lot.

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