Laser Facial Hair Removal

robinschJuly 19, 2005

Hi, pretty new hear and haven't seen much on this. Has anyone had this done. I had electrolisis years ago and it worked, and it some regrowth. I'm 46 and have noticed quite a lot of hair growth on face. It's peach fuzz like, but there's a lot and I can't stand it. I do wax my upper lip, but I think that stimulates growth. I know laser removal is pricey, but I want this hair gone for good. Love to hear from someone who's had it done.

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hi Robinsch,

I haven't had it done, but I've been researching it. My understanding is that it works best on facial hair that is dark on fair skin. The contrast of dark hair on light skin is what is caught by the laser. Fair hair doesn't "fare" so well with it. Also, dark hair on tanned skin doesn't get caught as well either. You may want to check out the internet for more info on it.

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So that's where my peach fuzz on my cheeks came from, eh? I didn't notice it until I applied some new makeup one day. It highlighted the hair. I've never bothered with makeup much in my life so I don't know if this hair was always there or not. It's so fine and light colored that I didn't even notice it before.

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I just used an electric razor for "peach fuzz". Lots of women do this. Really.

Electric razor shaves don't grow back with 'stubble' like it does with using razor blades that give a sharp cut to the hair.

I had a friend who got laser hair removal done is is quite pleased with the results. I am not a good candidate for laser removal as my hair is light blond with pale skin so it is not an option for me.

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