55 yrs. old and still having periods

oberhasli1July 28, 2011

I am still having regular periods at 55 and my gyn has scheduled me for an ultrasound in the next couple of weeks. I have read various opinions about the pros/cons of having menopause later in life. My periods have become heavy the second day, passing clots, etc. He has recommended the NOVASURE procedure which I have been reading about. I am not sure I will do that. I am thinking I will just wait this out and hope I go through menopause naturally, just at a later age. Although, believe me, I am tired of all of this.

Does anyone have any experiences of being a late bloomer to go through menopause? Any advice? My mother was still having her periods at 58 or 59 when she had a hysterectomy due to fibroids. So, I think the age we go through it is genetic but my doctor doesn't think that is a factor at all.

Thanks for any input.


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Hi Bonnie, I'll be 55 in 3 months and still have no signs whatsoever of menopause. My periods are completely regular. I hope to go through menopause naturally, too--and, I guess, just at a later date! Like you, I am rather tired of periods (have had them since age 11) but every body is different. I honestly don't know when my mom went through menopause--we never talked about it.

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mine stopped when i turned 56 everything was all natural. the worst symptom was hot flashes (mainly at night. enjoy it while you have it not just your period stops but so do your looks, skin texture, just like they say going down is a lot faster than going up!

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Thank you both for your input. I received my blood work and it shows I am no where near menopausal range. I have an ultrasound for next week to make sure everything is okay. My gyno asked whether I wanted to have the Novasure procedure done and I said no. I would wait and hopefully everything will take its course (although later than most :-))

I have heard that the natural estrogen the body provides does help keep the skin more toned with less wrinkles. I guess we need to look at the positive side as well!


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oberhasli, the average age of menopause is something like 51.7 years. So that means 1/2 of all women experience it earlier and 1/2 later. So I don't think 55 is terribly unusual. . .

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