adrienne12July 1, 2009

Does Estroven make you gain weight .... i been on it for 3 month and i have put on 15 lbs ... my diet and excercise hasn't changed my night sweats got better and on top of all i am only 43 is that normal to start menopause help!!! My doctor said i was in the early stages ....

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ha! What's 'normal'?

I'm 54 and not even starting to 'change'...

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hi adrienne i noticed your comments this morning and thaught how confused you must be poor love what exactly did your doctor say to you? has he told you your perimenopausal? i am 46 and perimenopausal since i was 45 id like to talk to you you need to do a lot of research in to this time of your life its very confusing and a bit like a minefield ive put loads of weight on in the past 2 years and thats without any form of hormone treatment i cant get rid of it without starving myself to death and being at the gym 24 hours a day lol

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