texasgirl54July 18, 2007

Just got back from my annual papsmear appointment.

She think i should try "Prempro"

But after reading the side effects...... I am not so sure!!

One of you ladys taking that????

Is it helping? How does it make you feel?? Thanks


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I use the PremPro cream. Love it. Makes me feel normal. Whatever that is!

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Hi, I started prempro 6 years ago. But I also started Wellburtrin XL at the same time. I am an the lowest dose of Prempro and no Wellbutrin now. Yes, it made me feel better. It is a personal gamble. The years are hard, but what else can you do? Give it a few months. Keep a journal of how you feel. Oh and want2benormal. What is prempro cream, Premarin Cream?

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