Menopause ???

Maureen57July 25, 2013

Terrible symptoms,dizzy heart racing,headaches body aches,overall just feel like something is really wrong,anxiety,insomnia!
I'm 55 and have these symptoms for months now and my Dr seems to think I'm just crazy ( being female one would think she would have more compassion)...anyway I've never had such awful things going on in my life!
I've had blood work done and I know my estrogen is low but everything else shows "clinical" normal,even thyroid!
Is this normal?
Being in central Arkansas with little to no compassion for a woman's health I'm finding a lot of closed doors on this subject!
Sorry if I offended anyone from Arkansas but you must know that the health care for us ladies is terrible.
I've begged my primary Dr to refer me to an endocrinologist but I've been absolutely refused?????
So here I am on this forum to see if these symptoms are menopause or something else!
So far I've just been dubbed the "crazy lady".
Help me out,anybody who's reading this!!!!

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Well first off are you still having normal periods or are they irregular? I am 50 and have all of the same symptoms as you are but I still get periods whenever they feel like coming...not fun.
Your symptoms certainly can be related to menopause and sometimes it does feel like you are going crazy so try not to worry too much especially since it seems as if all of your tests have come back normal.

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