I'm losing my hair!!!

luvnolaJuly 24, 2007

I'm 45 and slightly pre-menopausal. I am losing my hair in droves!!! I have a great deal of new growth as well, but it can't grow near as fast as I am loosing it! My hair has gotten consideralby thinner VERY rapidly. Has anyone experienced this and if so is there anything I can do about it?

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If I remember correcctly, hair loss is caused by too much androgen hormone in relation to female sex hormones. Do a google search and you'll probably find lots of info. I'll do one and see what I can come up with.
Mrs H

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I'm on my way to Google! Thanks Mrs H!!

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This looks like a pretty good source of info.
Mrs H

Here is a link that might be useful: female hair loss

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Thanks!! I also called my OBGYN and she has asked me to come in to do some labs. She feels it could have something to do with my Thyroid.

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I'm an RN and I USED to sell hairmax lasercombs (until eBayers undercut me) ... THIS COMB DOES WORK and has just gained FDA approval for treating hairloss. Get it on auction or look up company website.

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I began loosing my hair in my middle 40's and my hairdresser gave me a piece of advice straight from a dermotologist and it has worked wonderfully. Make sure you are taking enough folic acid (if you take a multivitamin, it has enough) and then add a pill/tablet of the B vitamin, Biotin. It took about 3 months for it to begin working on me but after that 3 months, my hair started thickening up again. I have been taking this for 7 years now and my hair is almost as thick as it was when I was a teen. I was told that this works for most people but not all.
Dermotologists will give you the same combo in an injection but it will cost about $150 a shot.

I'm a newbie here. So hello to all.

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Hmm, Steffy, I started taking a really good multi-vitamin plus food carotene and a multi-B awhile back. My hairdresser noticed about six months ago that I had a bunch of new hair growing in and we joked about it probably being a pre-cursor to facial hair. I never thought it could be from vitamins.
BTW, welcome to the forum- glad to have you here.
Mrs H

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can you tell me if the hair lose will stop went this manpause stop are what can i do for this hairlose to stop i,m so worry .i want my long hair back and thick because is getting thin.

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Hi Mrs. H. I just found your post and was wondering how you are doing today, four years later. I've been losing my hair for a year and I'm premenopausal. It is very scary.

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I think it is a no win situation, no matter what you take. I have very thin hair and it is hereditary, my Dad and Mom had thin hair. I think it can be an aging thing also. I was temporarily on a pill and I have forgotten what it was, almost had to be blood pressure pills, that also caused hair loss. My sister was advised to take thyroid pills for thinning hair LOL check the side effects for that stuff..hair loss. I have just adjusted to my seeing my pink scalp when I do my hair. I am not going to worry over any thing as simple as hair loss. I was told that the hair follicle is dead and nothing is going to bring it to life.

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