Hot Flashes

sallyj_2009July 30, 2009

I have found a raw food source that has helped my hot flashes. It is called MILA. It is ground chia seeds that you mix with a liquid. I started taking it because it is high in Omega 3's and I don't like fish oil. It has given me great energy. A side effect is that my hot flashes are gone. I need to take it everyday. If I skip a few days, they come back. It took about a month on the product before I noticed that they were gone. I will include the link if anyone wants to check it out.

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Hiya sallyj 2009 i have just read the piece you put up about Mila what is it exactly and how much do use per day what do u mix it with id love to have a go at that i have really horrible hot flashes all the time and havent found anything thaty stops them im perimenopausal and am already taking magnesium n calcium for palpatations as well as vit b complex vit c and primrose oil with vit e can i get this MILA in england thanks for that ok take care

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Hi sallyj2009 i went yesterday to health food shop to get some of the chia seeds that you mention here but couldnt get any i live in england so do not know if they are gonna be available here i did ask for Mila but the guy in the shop didnt have any can you only get this in the states id love to try this it might work for me it might not but id love to try it can you let me know how to get hold of this product i will send for it if i have to how much does it cost you take care

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