Hot Flashes

organic_edwinaJuly 23, 2009

Now that IÂm on the other side - it makes me so mad how many women have been at best ignored and at worst harmed while going through menopause. There are awful, ugly drugs that donÂt do anything, and itÂs a shame to see the medical profession failing miserably at helping out with something that 51% of the population goes through. It seems like thereÂs no reliable information out there.

I tried using wild yam crème during my change, and then found this: Wild Yam myth ItÂs such a shame to see so many women duped about what will or wonÂt help. Two of my girlfriends now have soy allergies from overusing refined soy products in hopes of staving off hot flashes. I once noted that over half the black cohosh products on the shelves are not standardized for Remiferin, itÂs no wonder so many women find no relief from it. It seems whether you go the standard medical route to suppressing menopause symptoms or whether you try to treat it herbally thereÂs no good centralized advice and I think itÂs just societyÂs misogyny that leaves so many of us screwed up.

IÂm trying not to just write about despair the problems, so as far as a solution the only product I found that I actually used and liked was this: ChiliPad which is a bed chiller to help with nighttime hot flashes. Worked GREAT, but thereÂs still the daytime, and thereÂs still the other symptoms. Giving up caffeine, sugar, refined flour, and alcohol was also really useful for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: ChiliPad

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glad you found something that helped you

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I am soo here right now. Miserable. Night sweats where I'm throwing off blanket, only to freeze a couple minutes later. Over and over, all night. It feels like I'm not getting any sleep.

I can do without all the rest but I refuse to give up my Lattes. No, no, no! Death before decaf!

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Hi golddust have you tried placing a fan next to your bed hun that helps me some also i have got a summer quilt an put pure cotton on it im not saying it stops the sweats but it helps i do get a bit more sleep than iwas doing why do you refuse to give up your lattes is caffene causing you some problems i drink de caff now because of palpatations but ive managed to find a remedy for that now i take magnesium n calcium tablets every morning and that stopped them i can even have a few glasses of wine now i go to bed early get up early i only work part time now but doing a bit of something helps to take my mind of my physical problems and i get tired out as well so i sleep through the flushes a little easier i take cammomile tea right before bed as well i think that helps

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