A whine

Heathen1July 8, 2006

I am just so tired of it! When is it going to STOP? WHIIIIIIIIIIINE!

Sigh... thanks for letting me vent.

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How long have you had it? A woman I know who is 95 said to me, You have a long way to go yet and I am 56. Isn't being a woman just great? First periods, then babies, then menopuase, do we ever get a rest???

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It sure is a PAIN! But, deep down... I am glad I am a woman... :o) better'n being a MAN! eeeew! :o)

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Sorry Heathen1,I can't help you, I'm crazy now. :) Arum

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:o) hee hee! yeah... I feel your pain...and add a moodswing.

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