Big belly and look like Im 9 months pregnant

Fran_1July 15, 2013

I am 57 years old and My belly looks like Im carring twins. I went into Menapause at 37 right after my daughter was born. I finished menapause at 44. The belly started right after my first colonoscopy. 2 years ago I had enough of the "its just fat from having babies and post menapause". I have had test such as sonograms, in and out to check to see if it was a "female" issue. I had scans on my spleen,liver,stomack, galbladder and on all the major blood vesels in the abdomanal area. No one seems to really know what it is.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?

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Since you have had sonograms to check if it was a 'female' issue, I assume you had a uterine ultrasound to rule out any problems there. It's unlikely, with no other symptoms, but I know that ovarian cancer can have a swollen belly as one symptom, so I'm sure that would be something your doctor would have considered. If all the tests have come back normal, maybe it's just the way your body weight distributed over the years after menopause. Do you recall if your mother or aunts carried an unusual amount of weight in their abdomen?

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