Success Story -- quitting Premarin for 1 yr

QinzJuly 12, 2002

In Oct 1996, I had a total hysterectomy and was put on Premarin .625 after that. Since then I experienced all the "benefits", weight gain, memory loss, constipation, all day fatique, tender breasts and broken sleep. The worst of all was migraine headaches, 3 to 4 times a month, 3 to 4 days each time. I simply could not work. By last June, my breasts were extremely painful even when I was laying in bed. My gyn told me to stop the pills for 3 weeks. I felt much better, saying to myself, maybe Premarin caused all the problems. Afterwards, Gyn prescribed Menest(soy based hrt) but it felt just like Premarin. Meanwhile I started natural progesterone cream (Emerita) after reading Dr. Lee's book. That was July, 2001.

I need to add somthing here. In Jan 2000, I was diagnosed thyroid cancer. Even in my extended family, no one has cancer. I suspect that taking Premarin for 3 yrs was to blame. My gyn denied it, of course. What else can I think of?

I was off Premarin for 5 months. No tender breasts, less migraines but a lot of hot flashes. Early November, I was forced (by my hot flashes) to go back to 1/2 pill of Menest .625, along with Progesterone cream. I knew I needed natural estrogen cream instead. By the end of March this year, I finally found one doc in my city who is willing to prescribe it. I started Bi-est cream (Estriol 80% + Estrodial 20%). I let my body tell me how much I should use. Hot flashes were gone within a day or two. It's been three and a half months. I can't tell you how wonderful the world has become. Of course no more hot flashes. No more migraines, not even once since then. No tender breasts, no more oversized breasts. Better concentration, better sleep and better memory. I've got a lot of energy all day long. In fact, I managed to some home improvement projects myself, like tiling floors. To everybody's surprise, I've lost 13 lb in 3 1/2 months without any changes to my diet or exercise . My weight was back to prior hyst level!

One more good news to tell you. The bone test I took in March 2002 shows my bone density has increased 8% - 12% comparing to the test result of March 2000. And my bones are as strong as those of average 30 yr olds. Think of it for a moment. A 51 year old menopausal woman can GAIN bone density after getting off hrt for about 9 months! Even my gyn's assistant was surprised, "You must have done something right!" What can I say? Quitting Premarin!

At first, my husband didn't support me,"why don't you trust docs who have all the schooling. You should follow their order, not take anything on your own." What about now:"Amazing what your creams can do for you. Why don't those docs tell you about them?"

I've been trying to tell every woman I know about my success story just to spread the word.


You're welcome to email me with any quetions.

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Thank you for sharing your success story with us.
Glad to hear you are feeling so much better.

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Yes, thanks for such a positive story. I've been on Premphase for a year now. I can deal with most of the perimenopausal symptoms but those hot flashes are too much (especially in the summer). Now with the big HRT scare I am considering checking out the progesterone cream. As long as it really takes care of the hot flashes it may be a good solution for me also. Good luck to you....Linda/NJ

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Hi Qinz,
I'm very happy for you!
I was forced on HRT about 5 years ago, when I had a horrible vaginal bleed, and needed a D&C. The doc had me on lots of estrogen to keep from repeat bleeding. When I tried to come off it, my Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue got soooooo much worse, so back on I went. 2 years later I tried to come off my combi-patch, and the same thing happened. I gave it 2 months, and I kept getting sicker and sicker. I don't get hot flashes.
I have, in the past few years, lost alot of faith in the medical community. Money is at the root of all the decisions made, and not the best thing for us......... So, now I'm rethinking this combipatch. But.....I'm not as lucky as you.........I appear to get sooooooo much sicker with the Fibromyalgia when I try to come off it.
I truly believe that our bodies get "addicted" to extra hormones, and it becomes almost like going through detox to get off them. I will start to think about trying it again.
Good luck to you!

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Sorry to hear your horrible story. Just have to try to rethink what you need and do a lot of research on the net. Do not listen to your docs. Listen to your body. Docs do not know your body. They make decision both for their pocket and by their textbooks. Neither will work for us. If you need more info, just email me.BTW, which city are you in? Find a doc who prescribes natural hormone for you.
Take good care of yourself and save your body from docs abuse,

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Just got off Premarin after taking it for 29 years following a total hysterectomy. I'm having hot flashes at age 68 and not liking it. Would love to find an alternative that works.

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