when did you get your first hot flash

newgardenelfJuly 23, 2008

I was having coffee with a friend and started to sweat uncontollably- it lasted 30 seconds and stopped. I've had that experience a few times including in the middle of the night but I'm only 38! My periods are also becoming unpredictable- skipping a month and much much shorter 4-5 days vs 6-7.

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Hi Newgardenelf,

It does sound like you are in the perimenopause stages. My sister went through it at 35 and my mom was 39. Although you are still young, it does happen. I have read this fantastic FREE e-book that I'm telling EVERYONE about. These two sisters who both went through menopause early have written a great book full of wonderful information. Since you are just starting menopause it would be good for you to have now so you know what you can do to help yourself - like foods to eat and not to eat, staying away from caffeine, etc.
Here's the link. http://menomavens.com/downloads.html
Hope this helps - Be well, Bobbi

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