Enjoying no period, but should I be worried?

diamond_catJuly 19, 2013

I am 41 years old and haven't had a period for maybe 5-6 months. Before that I was perfectly on schedule and never missed one or had a long or short one unless I was pregnant. So all of a sudden they just stopped. I knew I wasn't pregnant so I let it go for a couple months because, frankly I enjoyed not having periods. Eventually I went to see my OB, she prescribed Prometrium and did blood work. According to her, all my blood work came back normal. I didn't take the prometrium because a week later I got a period. Since then nothing. I'm thinking I could be going into menopause because I know my fertility started declining rapidly at about 33 years old. But, other than the missed period, I don't have any symptoms (that I can tell). But from my past experiences, I know I have a very high tolerance to any type of hormone drugs and never got much, if any, side effects from them. So I'm thinking that is why I might not be feeling any of the effects of menopause. So my question is, since it isn't bothering me and I'm happy to not have the periods anymore, then why should I care? Why should I take prometrium? My OB mentioned something about bone loss (I think) but can't I just take a calcium pill? I'd appreciate any insight I can get into this new chapter. Thanks

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I for one don't believe taking calcium will help your bones. When they first started prescribing it, a scientist said "it won't help. You have to start taking it in your 30's for it do any good". I did take the dosage my doctor told me for a few months and the results were kidney stones. Now reports are coming out that they are seeing problems after taking the large dosage.

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They say if you go 12 months without a period you are post menopausal. I say if this happens to you and you don't experience anything else you are one lucky lady. I wouldn't take anything to make you have a period but at your age I would still use some type of birth control. If after 9 months to a year you're still without a period I would have an ultrasound just to check the thickness of your uterine lining to make sure everything is okay. I had a period every 11 months for 4 years before I finally stopped altogether, but I was 49 and had been on BC for thirty years prior when mine started.
Good Luck

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