Disgusted - any advice appreciated

tombarbmrtJuly 8, 2007

I'm 58 and have been to quite a few doctors and gynos about vaginal dryness/painful intercourse. Tried the vaginal estrogen - made me itchy; started Endau progesterone cream/better for lubrication, but still hurts.

There seems to be no answer except extra lubrication which doesn't help. Tried everything. It seems that my husband can enter me about 2" - after that it seems extremely painful.

One doctor told me, "you may try a urologist or get an ultrasound, but didn't seem positive about either option helping me.

I live in Dade City, FL which is an hour from Tampa and Orlando. Any suggestions to good doctors for this problem?



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I don't know of any doctors I could recommend--but I'm wondering if there isn't another brand of estriol cream you could try--perhaps you are allergic to the cream the doctor gave you...or perhaps it comes in a pill--don't know if it does--or if it would work but a doctor or pharmacist should be able to tell you.


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Have you tried Astro Glide? It's sold over the counter and it's great.

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I know you posted awhile ago but just in case you check back....I have had the same problem and know what you are going through! Sex is sooooo
painful I think I would rather go through labor and delivery first!!!!! My dh has been so supportive and patient but I think I have found an answer. I got a prescription from my Dr. for Estring. It is a ring you insert for 3 months and it delivers estrogen inside the vagina just for the dryness. I told the Dr. I would give it a try and she said if that didn't work for me I could try Vagifem, a tablet that you insert with a plunger that also is for the dryness. I finally feel like I have "targeted" something that will deal with just the problem of the dryness. I don't want to take oral HRT and I don't want to deal with messy creams. I have tried so many lubricants and none of them really help. I will post after a month or so to give opinion if it is working for me or not. Anyway, please know you are not alone and ask your Dr. about these products!!

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SEX, I quit having any urge and don't care anymore. I think menopause has nipped my sexual urge altogether.


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