Estroven and mood swings

chaucer90July 22, 2013

I am 38 and am going through menopause. I have terrible mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes that leave my soaked. Is there anyone out there who knows if Estroven helps the mood swings? OR if Estroven makes them worse?

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I found that Max. Strength Estroven works for all those symptoms pretty well for a month or maybe two, but after that they weren't working for me and I just had a funny feeling, don't know how to describe except feeling "heavy" in the chest area, nothing like pains or anything, just a weird feeling and I'm tired all the time and since I was waking up several times a night soaked anyway I decided to just stop them, I think this is day 3? I'll see how it goes

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Thank you for the input. I am on day 3 of taking Extra Strength and my moods are wacky. Hopefully, this will calm down soon.

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