Cutting up a boneless pork loin roast

lpinkmountainAugust 4, 2014

Pork loin roast was on sale for 1.99/lb. today and whenever protein goes on sale below 2.00/lb. I tend to buy it. So I bought a really big one (they were all big) intending to cut it in half and put it in the freezer. But with just me eating it, even half the roast is very big. Would it be better to cut it into thirds and freeze and cook each one individually, or cut in half, make the roast and freeze the leftover cooked meat. It's a 5 lb. roast. Thirds would be 1.7 lbs each, half would be 2.5 lbs. By "better" I mean better for the edibility/moistness of the meat. I tend to use leftover pork loin roast for sandwiches or cut up for soups and stews.

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Lpin, we always buy the big boneless pork loin when it comes on sale. It's usually in a big heavy duty crayovac plastic bag.

I cut the "good looking end" into boneless pork chops then the remaining meat into roasts. I usually get 2 roasts and pork chops out of it. Unless the pork chops look really good, then I make it into mostly pork chops then the crappy end piece is a roast :)

Freeze it into the portions that you like and cook as needed.

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Smoked pork loin is great. If you don't have a smoker, you can find a way to smoke using your BBQ grill.

Stuffed pork loin makes it simple for a simple meal for one.


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I don't even have a yard, live in a small efficiency.

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I agree with Jasdip. I always cut a few pork chops and then cut the rest into 2 smaller roasts. I make one roast for a meal and slice the remainder of that roast for sandwiches. The rest goes in the freezer.

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I do a variation of what Jasdip & LV do. I cut the good looking section into pork chops. Then the weirder shaped end I slice as thinly as I can get and package up in baggies for stir fries or adding to other Asian-style dishes. Sometimes I'll cube it for chili verde. I totally ignore roasting it.

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I usually do most as pork chops and one roast (I usually cut the largest end for the roast if I am going to do one). If I'm in the mood or the smaller end is smaller, I will cut up smaller pieces for a stir fry or such -- which looks like what shambo said. Ok. Ditto. ;-)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I would cut it into 3-4 raw pieces and freeze wrap individually.

Take a piece out, thaw, roast at 550 for 30 minutes or so. ( Use whatever rubs you like) eat the end pieces then.
Over the course of the next few days, cut the remainder into chops and quickly saute for a meal. ( I usually sprinkle Penzeys Ozark and a bit of flour and saute in olive oil)

I do this all the time but then I don't use leftovers for sandwiches either.
But it works great and is always moist and juicy.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I do the same thing, chops that I package for the freezer, then roasts I wrap for the freezer. If there is an odd ball end, I cut it up into pieces and put it in the freezer. I use the cut up bits to make golumpki soup....I love stuffed cabbage but don't like to make it so I put all the same ingredients into a soup and use up the pork bits that way.

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Lpink, did you move?

For your purposes, I would cut the roast into thirds. Freeze two and roast one. I wouldn't freeze the cooked meat. Not nearly has good as just cooked. Although if you do decide to freeze some leftover roast pork, slice it and cover it with gravy. It will reheat better that way.


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Yes I moved. My house in Allentown is not sold yet but I am no longer living there. I have been going back and forth to get it ready for sale. Rest is all very personal.

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Lascatx I can't wait to try one of your rubs on a pork loin roast! It will be a while though, I am back to PA soon for more packing. Then school starts and lots of makeup work, so will probably be mid. Sept. before I get to it.

Thanks for the great advice folks!

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Thought of you today -- while I was cutting up two half pork loins, I did one roast, one small roast butterflied to stuff, a few chops and some cut up. I was reminded that DH will take the smaller pieces at the end and tie them together (like a beef filet might be) if he want to make another "chop" rather than cubes for another use.

Good luck with getting the house sold. I know that will make life and finances easier once you do. We had a period with two homes -- not my favorite.

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