FSH and irregular heartbeats?

catherinetJuly 26, 2006

I'm always trying to understand things. And this causes me to form alot of probably useless theories. Here's my latest one: High levels of FSH can cause irregular heartbeats. I'm 56 and haven't had a period in over 2 years, but I still get ovary pain, and have ovary cysts that come and go. I've made the assumption that as our FSH gets higher and higher, our ovaries get "beat" into spitting out whatever eggs are left.

I also have phases I go through, where I have alot of irregular heartbeats. I've had it checked out, and they are harmless. I never know why I go through these spells. They usually last a week or 2, then subside.

Right now, I'm having both ovaries making cysts (I can feel it.....painful) and I'm having alot of irregular heartbeats. So now I'm wondering if I tend to get these bursts of irregular heartbeats when my ovaries hurt......maybe due to high levels of FSH?? I realize that there might be alot more going on (hormone-wise) than just the FSH.

I've done an internet search and can't find any info on a cardiac sensitivity with FSH levels......but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

So.....for your women who have ovary pain and are in menopause, I was wondering if you happen to have irregular heartbeats during this time too?? Thanks!

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I get palpitations at time--but think its due to the stress of the pain..thus causing my BP to go up..maybe.Its all so interrelated..pain causes stress-stress causes pain...our bodies are a mystery..there is so much that we dont know, sadly.JMHO....Mel

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My palpitations also come back or are worse during times of stress, but the problem is that when the stress is over, they don't go away.

I've read that we make cortisol during stress and it takes time for the cortisol to come down to normal levels.

I also do excessive research and it makes me nuts because I found that ALL our hormones are related to another is some way. The only thing that I know for sure from all the research is that it gives me even more stress. lol

I was lucky enough to have a copy of my bloodwork when I initially went to the doc having terrible palps. My FSH and estradiol levels were very low, well within POSTmenopausal range, but my progesterone was only 1 pt. within POSTmenopausal range.

I'm trying to understand the normal ratio, but since they fluctuate over the month according to our cycles, plus the fact that all women are different, it's hard to make a comparison.

I'm fairly certain that my palp problem is due to the wide percentage of estradiol to progesterone. I'm now looking for natural estrogen supplements to go along with my mag/calcium and potassium.

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