Could it be hot flashes

debo_2006July 5, 2009

All this past week and for the first time I've been getting a hot sensation through my body. It comes on suddenly and disappears the same. Doesn't last but a few minutes. Something I feel strange when this happens. Can't explain the strangeness.

I still get a period, I'll be 50 next month. I'm guessing these are hot flashes, but I don't know. My mom never got them b/c she had a hysterectomy in her 30s.

It is normal to start getting hot flashes in perimenapause? I though it comes during menapause.

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Debi, it sounds like hot flashes. I had a hysterectomy when I was 40 and still got hot flashes. I guess they started when I was about 47. The odd thing about it was, I only got them in the winter! Your family doctor can do blood work to determine if you are menopausal or not.

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Hi debbi2006 i am 46 and perimenopausal and have been for the past year i too had a hysterectomy at age 30 i have also had blood taken to check for menopause but your really hit and miss with this method because it just doesnt show up anything unless your body id going crazy, i get mad hot flashes morning noon and night for about 16 days out of a month i know it menopause related because i now follow a daily chart since i cannot rely on monthly periods my chart helps me to see when im gona be suffering with particular problems the flashes are horrid uncomfortable embarrasing and i have no way of stopping them despite all my best efforts with various vitamin supplements, i have managed to get the palpatations under control tho apparently you can buy a product Mila chia seeds which stop the flashes buti cannot get them here in england you could try that take care hope you feel better sooner rather than later hun

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