bi-est and progesterone therepy

april35July 4, 2007

I am 35 years old and have premature ovarian failure. I have not had a menstral cylce in over 2 years. I am on my fourth month of Bi-est and Progesterone/testosterone cream therepy. My dr. said that I would have a period once I started on the therepy -- nothing yet. Is this normal? Should I be expecting a period? I was holding onto the slim possibility that I could still get pregnant.

My pharmacist said the reason insurance companies do not pay for most compounded things is that they use code numbers on pharmacy drugs that are massed produced. If they are made in the pharmacy they dont have a code number.

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I went into menopause due to surgery and tried several Hormone Replacements including estrogen patches that didn't work. I just started on the bi-est and progesterone therapy and it's working great. I never thought the hot flashes and night sweats would go away but they did and now I don't cry over every little thing. The doctor said I wasn't getting any progesterone and that was causing my bouts of crying and depression.

It's not that expensive (my insurance co won't pay for it) but it's worth every penny.

I'm not sure about the period part as I haven't had one in about 4 years due to my surgery.

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