What to do for night sweats

marricgardensJuly 6, 2010

For the past few years I have had heavy night sweats. I refuse to go on HRT. Is there something else I can take to lessen the severity of them?

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I take a phytoestrogen. It contains Dried Black Cohosh Extract, Dried Soy Extract, and Dried Dong Quai Extract. I went from night sweats a couple times a night to an occasional power surge at night where I just have to throw off the blankets to be comfortable.

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There was a question on the news about how people were beating the heat. One woman caller said she soaked a towel, put it in the freezer and when she went to bed, she wrapped the towel in a larger terry towel and put that in her pillow case. I decided if it worked for the heat it might help with night sweats so I tried it. The best nights sleep I've had in a long time! I don't get them every night but about one week a month I wake up each night drenched. Marg

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my sweats have gotten really bad at night regardless of any hrt ive had tablets and patches all they seem to do is raise my bp and make me wheezy and chesty cough ive resorted to a fan at my bedside to help cool me down i get very little sleep most nights i wake up constantly red hot i cant stand the added body heat of my husband i wake him up loads asking him to move away from me its awful i hope it ends one day

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Night sweats have now included hot flashes through out the day! Was on Zoloff for a month didn't help at all I am now taking effexor, can't take hormone replacements, going through Chemo for Brest cancer. My Son bought me a Chillow. It's a pillow you fill with water to help keep your pillow cool. I will try it tonight and let you lady know what I think.
I've tried everything to sleep at night so far nothing helps. Fans light sheets, water by the bed side, estrogen before I was diagnosed with Cancer, now I do have a prescription for sleeping pills but am a little worried about taking them. I have tried to increase my vit a and d, but so far nothing. The Air-conditioner helped a little last night.

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