Question about post-menopause

cheerful1_gwJuly 11, 2007

This may sound like a silly question, but do you finish your hot flashes, mood swings, etc. once menopause is over? Are there any new symptoms? I think I'm still in menopause, but the hot flashes started subsiding last month, and the mood swings don't seem so bad. Weight gain is still there, though. Now watch, as soon as I say this, they'll come back with a vengance!

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I didn't have any symptoms that I noticed before my periods stopped--except for some irregularity. After my periods had stopped--my noticeable symptoms started--hotflashes, night sweats, weight gain, depression, mood swings, anxiety attacks, vaginal dryness, etc. Some seem to have gone away while others have started. I haven't had a period for 7 years and I'm still having symptoms. I think everyone is different--so I don't think you can go by me.


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I haven't had a period for a year (unless you count the 2 weeks of staining while on HRT). I have horrendous anxiety/panic attacks that the HRT is not affecting. I have gotten rid of my hot flashes, but I'd trade them for a feeling of calm anyday!

I wish I knew how long this will all last, for my sake (and my husband's too!)

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I'm so glad to see this question.....I feel so stupid, but was also wondering, how do you know when you are out of menopause, or "post-menopausal?" It is easy for me to remember my very last period - it was right before Katrina hit, August, 2005.

I remember fretting over being so late in entering menopause, I was 55. I remember my neighbor told me to be careful what you ask for, because you will gain weight, especially in your midsection. Lo and behold, did I ever! I always have had a problem with carrying weight in the rear, but never in my stomach until menopause.

The scales last week at the doctor's office finally made me face reality. I can't blame my weight gain entirely on menopause, because there has been a lot of stress over the last few years that I've had to deal with, and stress in itself can be fattening.

I am taking my vitamins and calcium, and paying more attention to healthy eating and exercising now. I don't know why it matters if I am or am not in menopause any longer. Just curious. Should I be doing more?

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I still have not gotten periods (that makes it 16 months, not including the 2 weeks of staining on HRT), but the anxiety is terrible.

Another possibly silly question: once your periods have stopped completely, should you stop taking HRT? If you do stop the HRT, do the hot flashes, etc., come back?

I feel a little ignorant about this stage of life.

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Hi cheerful,
Not to scare you, but I think you will still go through another menopause-type period of time after you stop your HRT. although since your own hormones won't be fluctuating so much, it might be easier.
Its up to you if you want to quit the HRT. I quit it because, well, I just wanted to be natural about "old age".
Then later, they said that the information about the health benefits of it weren't as they had previously thought, and actually thought it increased your risk for other problems.

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