mrs.mickiJuly 16, 2006

Oh yeah, just wanted to thank everyone for excepting me into the forum. I think with you I won't continue to think I'm going out of my mind.:) Once again THANKS Micki

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I'm also new to this particular forum. Not as much activity going on as I'd hoped. Guess once the complaining is over, there's not much left! LOL
Well, at least we can support and hope for better days. :)

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Grandmapoo, I'm glad you are here. Sometimes I just read and find out what I need to know from the other post. These ladies have been a God send for me. May not be post all the time but I think they do look and are here for us when we need them.I look just about everyday.Hope to hear more from you soon. Micki

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Oh Hi! I missed your post yesterday.

I'm just frustrated in the lack of available information about SPECIFIC menopause symptoms. I understand the demand for information is just now peaking in our generation, but with so much new scientific discovery i.e. cloning and genetics, it seems they'd know more about what hormones cause which symptoms! Sometimes, I have to laugh to keep from crying when I come across completely contradicting theories from some of the OTC products out their, on our hormones!

But I do have hope in that this is a normal process and it's day will end. I just hope I don't end first! LOL
I've been thru days that just felt like it could be my last. Truly I'm much better than I was 2 yrs ago considering OVER ALL symptoms.

Thanks for listening! Have a great day. :)

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