Anniversary Ideas -- Can You Help??

msfingers2April 1, 2006

Don't know if I'm posting this on the right site, sure hope so.

I'm planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary party -- er, picnic.

I want it to be simple, just a get-together with family and friends -- I don't know about you, but we just don't do enough of these things when there's large families involved.

Anyway, I'm not telling any of the guests that we'll be renewing our vows, I just want something I couldn't have at our original small wedding, which was my nieces and nephews present. Well, now they're old enough to have children of their own, so I'm planning this picnic and calling it a Job Fair Picnic for my recently-retired husband. So to gain access to the picnic, they have to bring a job application for him.

So far, that's all I've got -- really convoluted, I know, but any ideas you could give me I'd truly appreciate!!


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Few things I care for less than a "bushwack" party -- thinking I'm coming for one thing and finding out its another. Don't do this to friends and family. If you want them to share in your celebration, let them know what you intend for heaven's sake.

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I cousin did a similar thing for her wedding...said it was a party for her fiance, who just got a big promotion...she didn't want a big fuss made, and didn't want people to bring gifts. Everyone who made it was pleasantly surprised to take in a quiet ceremony and be involved in the special day.

If you aren't wanting to make this a big affair, then I think it's ok to plan it the way you are. You do run the risk of not having as many people come, as you might if you told them outright. (Most people put major anniversaries higher on the list than retirement parties.) You may also have some people feeling bad that they didn't bring a gift when they find out the real reason, or those who don't make it may feel bad they missed it. I still think, though, that everyone should be really excited when they find out the real reason for the picnic, and you will be able to keep it casual that way.

Not sure what you have planned for food...if you're planning on keeping it really casual you could always do a potluck and suggest everyone bring their favorite picnic dish (Mmmm potato salad and BBQ chicken anyone??) or (if you don't want to ask people to bring food) there are massive BBQ's that can be rented for burgers or steaks (depending on how fancy you want to make it, and of course your budget).

One thing my mom is always good at (for big birthdays/anniversaries/etc.) is making posters with pictures/little known facts/etc. Consider making a couple with wedding pics, pics of you both as children (always neat for the younger generation who never got to see auntie and uncle when they were their age), and things like how you met, how he proposed, favorite memories, etc.

Congratulations, and enjoy yourselves, I'm sure everyone else will too.


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Thanks so much, Verena, for your ideas. That's EXACTLY what I had pictured regarding the food. Hubby loves to grill, so that fits in well. Thanks also for the ideas about the pictures, my, how we change in 25 years, YIKES!! I'm sure there will be a few laughs at those.
I thought a lot over the weekend about what you wrote, asola, about whether I should tell everyone. But I TRULY don't want anything -- Lord, I'm trying to get rid of things at this stage of life -- and the vows are just going to be a small portion of it, not the focus of it. These days it seems like families get together only for big things-- or holidays, and this get-together would just an excuse to see people comfortable with maybe a softball game and a playground or pool nearby for the kids.
Thanks for your ideas, Verena, you've got me motivated!!

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It's YOUR day. Just like weddings, we often forget that this is about 'us', the husband and wife, and start worrying about making everyone else happy.

I say do whatever will make you and your husband have a very happy, unforgettable day.

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I personally am not excited about the job application idea...for me it would be a hassle in my already busy life to go and find a job application...and like asolo, I wouldn't really appreciate the joke. It seems like your guests will be confused and not really "get it" either, or get it, but not really think it is funny.

I would change gears and tell them that it is an anniversary party. The surprise can still be the renewal of your vows which will be special.

***However, I would ask them to write any fond memories of each or both of you, and if they have any pictures of you or your family, to include it...this will be their "gift" to you. You can then make a wonderful keepsake book that you will cherish, and so will future generations.

Happy Anniversary!

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I also would prefer to know ahead of time that it's an anniversary celebration picnic. You could keep the vows a surprise, if you want that part low-key. But I sure would be mad if I didn't go, thinking I was only missing a retirement picnic, but it turned out to be a party for an important milestone like your 25th anniv. is! Anyway, in terms of ideas -- I agree w/ bnice -- having to go hunt for job app would be one extra hassle in my already busy life. If you don't want gifts, why not ask on the invite for them to bring a donation for a local food pantry or a new book to be donated to the library in your name, etc. That would take care of the gift problem.

Congrats & Have fun!

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Put a cheap, disposable camera on each table or with each group and collect them at the end of the party. You'll have some great candid shots you wouldn't otherwise be able to get.

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Thanks so much, everyone, for your ideas.
In rereading my original message -- I wanted to say WHEW -- what a hodegpodge of an idea!!! I think I'm just going to simplify it and call it a family picnic -- no entrance job application. We've already got a caterer picked out to supply the food.
And thanks, kudzu9, for your idea of the cameras, that's great!!
Thanks to everyone for their input!!

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