Worst tasting snacks - ever!!!!

angelaidAugust 15, 2012

Rice cakes. No amount of sugar, vanilla and caramel can disguise the texture of cardboard. It must be an acquired taste.

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Hmm.... I agree, though those Cocopops they pop and sell at Wegman's are right up there - taste like dust, at least to me, but my grandchildren like them. I can eat them with a really tasty hummus (artichoke and spinach, or artichoke and asiago dip). Maybe chocolate?

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I don't know if they are even made anymore but there used to be snack cakes sold two in a pack, a questionable cream filling, & they were "frosted" with brown tinted candle wax. Horrible things.


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I don't mind rice cakes, at least some flavours. My favs are buttered popcorn and white cheddar. The plain ones, or brown rice are fine topped with tinned tuna or salmon for an easy lunch. The apple cinnamon ones are truly vile...

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A co-worker brought a box of pre-packaged "chocolate croissants" in to work to share. I thought "It has chocolate, how bad could it be?" The "croissant" portion has the consistency of a hot dog bun, although much sweeter, and the "chocolate" filling is more akin to chocolate pudding. I couldn't even finish chewing the first bite. Bleah!

On the plus side, the last few from the box have been sitting atop the office microwave for a couple of weeks, and I'm sure they are every bit as good as when the box was first opened.

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I agree with you on the rice cakes. Even my dog wouldn't eat them. Another nasty snack is soy nuts. Also can break your tooth.

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I don't know what they're called, but those packages of orange-colored crackers filled with peanut butter that you find in vending machines(usually in the middle of the night at rest area when you're on a road trip and starving and they're the last things in the machine).

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Soy nuts- those things are loud! I was eating them in a movie theater one time and a guy tapped me on the shoulder. "Can you chew a little quieter, please," he asked. "My girlfriend's PMSing." I looked over her and shook the box, I just couldn't resist. But they were loud- and I did fear for my teeth. Also not tasty enough to be worth a tooth chip. And yes, rice cakes are just dreadful.

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I agree on the rice cakes, although with enough peanut butter they're elevated to barely edible. One of my bosses years ago said they were "like eating compressed air".

I don't care for soy nuts either but the worst snack I ever had was a "sesame candy" that Elery bought at the Asian market in Ann Arbor. He loves sesame, I tolerate it, but he stuck one of those things in his mouth and promptly spit it back out. Of course, that meant I just had to see how bad it was. It was bad, extremely sweet yet rancid. Ewwww. I don't know where it came from because I couldn't read the package, so it was my own fault, LOL.

Actually, one of the worst lately was a Hostess chocolate cupcake. I don't remember them being dry and tasteless, or the frosting leaving that slick of tallow in my mouth. Maybe they used to be better, but if Bud ever offers to share with me again I'll politely tell him "no thank you"!


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