Menopause and returning college student

Gardener972July 18, 2008

So how does it work... having a girl home from being out on her own for 9 months, away at college? I thought high school was bad!! Dear God, get me through this last month!!! Last year this same time, I was all tears, this year we can't wait until she leaves. What a big turn around!

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Boy I can relate gardener!!
My daughter will be a senior in college, and she has her own apartment off campus. My son will be a sophomore in college and he's home for the summer. I think its a time of all sorts of crazy emotions for all of us! I love my son to pieces, but he IS a challenge. Him coming home for summer is a total disruption of what my husband and I had just gotten used to.
My son seems to think that he's the only one that lives here.
We're so good to him, but he sees alot of our behavior as so irritating.
My daughter, when she does come home for short periods of time is also a challenge. She thinks she knows everything and is so intense in everything she does.
I never thought I'd feel this way, but I've even mentioned to my son that maybe he'd like to get a job in his college town next summer!!
So you're definitely not alone in this rollercoaster ride of college-aged kids!
I'm not sure it ever ends, but we do get more and more times of getting a break from it.
Sometimes I find myself saying things I NEVER thought I'd say to a when he says "I can't wait to get back to college and away from here!" and I say "Yeah, I know EXACTLY how you feel!!" Oh well. I guess we're human, right?
I'm 58 and had kids when I was 37 and 39. I would do it all over again in a second, but man is it hard to have all this strife at this age!
I think boys and girls are both challenges, but in different ways. My daughter is soooooo opinionated. I can't say anything without her acting like it was a stupid idea, and that she already knows everything I have to say to her.
Take comfort that you're definitely not alone in this gardener! Hang in there. Soon she'll be back in school and you can start liking each other again! lol!

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I went through the same thing with my daughter in 2005. She spent the summer with us after graduating from college and before starting her new teaching position in the fall. By mid Aug she was looking for a place of her own and we were helping her.........However, three years later and a steady boyfriend, we can go weeks without seeing or hearing from her and I miss her terribley go figure.......


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