Connection between osteoporosis and periodontal disease??

blairgirlJuly 28, 2007

Apparently I've got BOTH. I'm not even 43! My dentist had no idea that there's a connection between loss of bone overall and loss of bone density in the bones that keep your teeth in place.

I read that Actonel is supposed to have a positive effect on both. Am I too young to take it? I'm generaly wary of drugs, but I'm scared chitless of losing my teeth!!

Btw, my mother had a fractured hip, so it apparently runs in the family.

I'd love to hear any ideas on this, or if anyone has had any experience with overall bone loss and periodontal disease.

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I don't know anything about Actonel but it would seem to make sense to me that if it works on both--then they both have at least some similiarities.

I have read that hormone replacement therapy somehow protects bones. I wonder if that would also help.

Wish I knew more. I just take Calcet because a Dr. recommended it to my mother a long time ago and I had read an article that calcium was known as the "feel good" mineral. I really couldn't tell you if it makes me feel one way or the other though.

I've also read articles that say that certain kinds of exercise can stimulate the bones. I'm not sure if that's correct or not--but I notice some of the exercises my Mom does (that are geared for older adults) involve some impact like marching in place.


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Look up - Zen of secret food cures - on eBay - .. or Google Corinne Peachment. Information is applicable to osteoporosis (you need to understand the root CAUSE of this disorder(look at eBay feedback).

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There may be a connection, but the stronger connection is probably the periodontal disease itself, and insufficient dental/ gum care. The reason I say this is because I have recently been dealing with periodontal problems, and I have no indications of osteoporosis. My teeth are in reasonably good shape because I have been taking good care of them for the past ten years, but the years of neglect before that caused problems that can't really be fixed, so regular maintenance is important these days. I'm sure that measures toward maintaining good bone health can't hurt anything, and would probably be beneficial, but good dental care and regular cleanings will probably be more effective. When I went for my first root planing and scaling a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a couple of brochures at the periodontist's office. One of them mentioned hormonal changes as a contributing factor in gum disease.
Mrs H

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