is there a cost effective way to take prempro?

goddessgJune 28, 2008

I am on my 5th week of Prempro (.3mg/1.5) and am very happy! Is there a way not to spend 48.00 a month?

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Please go to and educate yourselves and if you must your doctor too on what you are contributing to and just WHAT you are taking, DON'T TAKE PREMARIN or any other PMU based estrogen-replacement drugs DEMAND a synthetic or non PMU organic will actually work better, less side effects too.

I am a Vegan and don't use ANY animal products since 1979 as I believe animals deserve to live happy lives too. Premarin is NOT good for you OR natural (like drinking cow's milk, it's MEANT for calves) it also promotes side effects and unneccessary suffering for horses too! In other words, GOT CONSCIENCE? I drink soy protein with phyto nutrients daily for a long time for protein replacement since I don't eat meat or dairy THANK GOD but it's also considered a natural estrogen replacement too and LOVE it, TASTES GREAT and does a body GOOD ;) inexpensive too!!

Lastly, help spread the word and let other animal/horse lovers know about this SHADY billion dollar industry based entirely on the suffering of horses. Sales of Premarin have already plummeted 30% (2003) from their high in 1999 and will continue to do so as more and more studies link the drug to life threatening ailments and women are made more aware of these studies...

PREMARIN KILLS, STOP taking it for your OWN life and ALSO the BABY foles...READ the site straight through a LOT of IMPORTANT information you need to know before you ingest anymore horse urine, YUK!!

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