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minirose1June 20, 2009

I've been battleing joint pain, fatigue and extreme vaginal dryness for some time now and I stumbled across a site for women that sounded interesting. I passed it along to one of my daughters who was beginning to complain of the same things and she's only 44. Turns out she had seen the Dr. who started this clinic on TV some time back and had been very impressed with all she had to say, so she decided to try their program. Well, she felt so much better in just a couple of weeks that I decided to investigate it for my self. Now, I'm 70 so menopause for me started 20 years ago, so I didn't expect so see much improvement, but have been pleasantly surprised after just 4 weeks on the program. Basically it is a supplement program along with encouragement for proper diet and exercise. I still have some stiffness but the degree of pain is much less, I seem to have more energy and drive. Haven't lost any weight but hopefully I will lose a few pounds eventually. Anyway, here's the web site if any of you gals would like to check it out. I don't consider it cheap but if it continues to work for me, I'll figure it is worth it. I don't usually pass stuff along after only this short a time of trying it, but it does seem to be working for me and they offer a refund after 90 days if you're not satisfied. At my age I don't really expect to feel like 20 again, but will happily take all the help that works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Women to Women

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