hair loss and meno

gburgcountrygirlJune 23, 2010

OK I am the queen of research online. I did find many, many pages that said it is common for women to experience hair loss during meno and some even get bald spots.


Now, what to do about it? I couldn't find any answers except to change your diet and reduce your stress. How can you reduce stress when you are too busy having hot flashes, night sweats, and aches and pains all the time...oh and add the mood swings in there too!

Now I realize why my mom's hair is VERY THIN (so she still does the teasing method, like the old boofon hairdoos) and why my grandma has many wigs!

There has got to be an easy answer that doesn't cost a million dollars? Isn't there? I thought about hair extentions, but I cannot afford those either?

Any answers from others out there?

P.S. I am goignto start "estrovin" a natural thing for meno and see if that helps any of my symptoms, maybe I will get lucky huh?

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I went to dermotologist for my hair thinning. Had no clue I was in meno, neither did the doctor. I just started using good quality shampoos and conditioners. Cut back on meat and carbs (lost 16 pounds). The thinning stopped after a few months, hair is restored. I think it corrected itself because I was not worried due to ignorance !!!!!

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Hi gburgcountrygirl, I started menopause 6 years ago and its still going strong. Have every symptom and then some. Two weeks ago my hair started to fallout. I was very upset and called my gyno whom has so much patience with me. He suggested taking a vitamin biotin which you can find at a drug store. I've been taking 2000 mcgs one with breakfast and one with dinner. Also pantene came out with a new line of shampoo and conditioner for volume which I also started to use. I have to say I noticed a difference already hair getting thicker and not falling out as bad. So give it a try no side effects from the biotin either which is a plus. Good luck hope info helps.

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