New Member and Osteoporosis Diagnosis

Stefanies_MomJune 12, 2002

Hello everyone :o)

My name is Sarah and I am a new member. I am 48 and have two years of menopause experience and what an experience it has been!

Over the past two years I have been on four different HRT's; Tri-Est, Prempro, Ortho Prefest and last, but not least, Premarin. I have gone through the headaches, breast sorness, bloating, swelling, loss of libido and when I began spotting three months to the date of beginning Premarin, I decided it was time to get off HRT altogether. Three months later I have no headaches, no bloating, no swelling, my libido is coming back and no spotting. I also have gone through three doctors, but have found a female GYN who understands!!!

I had a bone scan done two years ago and was diagnosed with Osteopenia in my hips, but everything else looked ok. Two years and a new bone scan later, I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the hips, and Osteopenia in my spine :o( My doctor has prescribed Actonel (once-a-week) which I will begin on Sunday. I am just now beginning my research, so if anyone out there has any experience with this drug, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

I look forward to reading and sharing with all of you. It is so wonderful not to feel alone.


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Sorry I can't help you with your question but did want to take the time to welcome you and hope some others out there may be able to help.

Glad to see the body is doing well without the hrt. I hope to get there some day also.

Welcome Sarah...

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