s your sex drive low?

jannieJune 24, 2007

I always thought I was "average' in the sex department. Like at least twice a wqeek. i'm now over 50 and haven't had a periuod in 15 moinths. I don't miss them at all. But I do miss the "closeness" with my husband. I have nearly no desire for sex. Zero. I don't feel "horney" like I did when I was younger. I deliberately go to bed earlier than my husband just so don't have to make an excuse. s it like this for other women ? Ladies, Please answer.

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Oh yea, my drive is GONE! Not even for my favorite fantasy guys. Seriously. I posted eariler that no one answered about the vaginal dryness, but I think that all goes along with the low sex drive. Can we hear from anyone else that has been thru this and came out good on the other side, is there "an other side" Please give us some good news..Shotzy

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I hope there's "another side" too. I used to feel in the mood all the time, then it just left.

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I think its nice when women don't lose their sex drive, but I guess I take a different approach to it.
I always try to understand things based on nature. Females who can't procreate aren't supposed to be having sex. That's why we have a sex drive......so that we'll want to have sex and have babies. I'm only bringing this up since I think humankind makes it seem like something is wrong with older women when they don't want sex. But they are just responding to how nature has planned things out.
Men, on the other hand, can procreate into their 70s and 80s, so they still need that drive. But we've become "civilized" and stay with one person our entire lives, and that sets up an imbalance.........the man has a large sex drive for decades after the woman doesn't.
I know this doesn't help anyone's situation, but I think its interesting to think about......and might help some women feel less bad about having lost their drive. Its just as nature has planned it!

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catherinet, that's exactly what I think too! I have always said that. First of all, humans are now living much longer lives. I feel the plan was for females to procreate, and after a certain time, they are made in capable for a reason! AND that's what interc_____ is for. So when you put two and two together (or NOT), then nature has served it's purpose.
I keep trying to convince my DH of this!!

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Yea well I never had a very high sex drive to begin with.
Maybe thats why nature made is so women can procreate without even enjoying sex. You can procreate from rape.

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Very unfair! We are finally free of periods and pregnancy and now the desire goes away- nuts to Mother Nature!

My husband still likes it 5 days a week, thank God he plays golf the other two days. He is very creative and patient and helps me achieve what I would otherwise have written off. I think it is important for the couple to work on this together, and also to keep trying, because the more you use it, etc.

My doctor says she can give me testosterone hormones and I will feel sexy again, but there are some ugly side effects I don't care to have, so that is out. Your partner has to get involved and earn it!

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I take bio identical testosterone that was a perscription from my GP. There are no side effects from this and it has really, really helped. I also take 5 mg of DHEA which is quite a low dose and helps as well. I also use estrogen vaginal cream for atrophy and that thickens up the vaginal walls so sex doesn't hurt. Great stuff. (Use it on my skin as well!)

One great thing about the testosterone aside from the libido boost is the muscle gain that comes from exercise. I'm an exercise nut but after menapause hit no amount of exercise would build any muscle. I was starting to feel frail and I'm only 50. (Only fifty?!) I really reccommend the testosterone but you have to make sure it's the compounded bio identical testosterone and then ask around for the best compounding pharmacy. Some of them don't get the formula right and you end up with no boost in libido at all or too much testosterone. I hope this helps.

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Drugs can help you to get high sex drive. You can easily purchase male enhancement treatments from shops as well as in the internet also

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