going on 52 days

gabrielesgardenJune 30, 2006

I'm 45 years old and have had periods you could set your clock to. I'm not on birth control, had a tubal about 15 years ago. March was my last normal period. Ever since then it's beem 18 days on, 6 days off, 10 days on, 6 days off, 6 days on, 18 days off and now it's been 52 days on (lite to spotty to normal for 1 day etc.). I'm getting sick of this! Been thinking about going to the doc but my mom says to just hold off for awhile, it's just premenopause. Funny thing is that when I was 13 and started my period, I had it for a whole year...is that how I'm going to end my menses too? :-)

I'm not having hot flashes, but i'm also not having cramps or heavy flows, or tender breasts like I always have had.

Anyone ele experiencing anything similar?

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It probably IS perimenopause, but you shouldn't "hold off" on seeing a gyno, you never know.... Now's the time you should be getting your mammograms and etc. So always good to see the gyno whether it's 'just' perimenopause or not. It's good to keep the doc updated, the better updated they are, the better continual care they can provide.

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My bloodwork last year said I was in menopause, but I was getting my period up to a month ago. Now I'm feeling "pre-menstrual" symptoms, and wouldn't be surprised if I get my period soon.

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