Becoming a 'Crone'

i_can_get_nastyJune 9, 2007

I'm 47 and haven't had a period in 2 months. I experienced some hotflashes awhile ago but I can't say it was really that unpleasant. This year my only son also got married and moved away. So I'm asking myself - what am I here for? what's my purpose?

I've noticed a real need to right the wrongs in this world. It's like I'm on a mission and I can't stop myself. I am currently totally obsessed with fighting a destructive development in our rural community. It has absolutely taken over my life and is even starting to affect my health. I can't turn it off and have even had an episode where I had constant panic attacks for 3 days.

I am furious all the time with the world and the people in it. I've made a name for myself writing letters to the editor and stirring up sh%#. I tell you this is not me. I've never done this before in my life.

Could this be the crone emerging? I am really going through a change of values and priorities. Anybody else experience this emotionally?

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I'm getting there, believe you me. I'm 45. I'm getting to the point where I don't care how I may appear to others...I just say what I think. Is that what's going on with you? I think it's a pleasant reprieve from all that femmie pleasing stuff I used to do.

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Your absolutely right, Junebug. I now have the attitude "If you don't like what I'm saying or doing...too bad". It really is freeing actually. There are so many more rewarding, important things to focus on in life than trying to fit into the perfect mold.

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Somebody should make a movie featuring "The Crone." Kind of like Chucky? Let's see, who should star in it.....definitely Kathy Bates. Seriously, I'll bet this stage of life figures into all kinds of crimes! :)

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Well, I know one thing. My town councilors ain't seen nothing... till they had to deal with a menopausal woman! :)

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LOL!! Maybe you should join the "Quilt" forum!!hahaha!!!!

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my cyber gal pals and i have all discovered the golden years are the give a sh!! years...we pretty much say and do more without asking pretty please...

while i love the fact you're saving the world, i'm concerned about the posted "health risk"...that's NOT good!

please take care, and prehaps refocus...our one gal-pal is now very active in habitat...her latest project? rebuilding a home for a local (female) goat farmer!

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susanjf, Thanks for your concern. I need to find a balance and learn to take care of myself. I'm starting to realize I can't save the world...I can just do what I can do. I'm going to try some guided meditation 1/2 hour a day to get my mind on a more even keel.

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