Dealing with heart palpitations

renjenloJune 22, 2012

I've dealt with palps my whole adult my 20's and 30's I would have an occasional one but nothing ever to write home about. When I turned 40 my life was turned around by these crazy things. I started to have them more frequently until one day i was having them so much (about every 2 to 3 beats) that I had a anxiety/panic attack and my husband had to rush me to the hospital because we both had no idea what was going on with me. Well..of course they found nothing wrong and sent me home. I made an appt with my dr and he told me I had benign PVCs. Well..ok..WHY? No one's just one of those phenomenoms. So I researched the web and found a few websites and finally a forum where all kinds of people that were going through the same thing I was were posting. OMG!! what a relief..I wasn't alone!!! Thank GOD!! So I dealt with them and learned how to cope with wasn't easy. Alot of sleepless, scary nights and a few anxiety attacks later I pretty much had them under control as far as dealing with them..I learned that I was not going to die (which calmed me down alot) and I also found out the calcium/magnesium really helped me to sleep at really seemed to calm the palps down and relax me. Well...they finally subsided all together and I had been pretty much palp free (with an occasional one here and there) until earlier this week. I had a really bad heavy period that lasted for 9 days and then the day after I finished BAM!! here they came..outta the blue. But this time I was ready for them...I'm not saying I wasn't bothered or upset or scared...I just knew what they were and what to do about them...I also did more research the other night and realized that theyre most likely related to peri-menopause which I'm sure i'm going through right now. They lasted for a few days and finally subsided yesterday around 6 or 7 pm and I really haven't felt any since then...but I'm not gonna sit around and worry that they'll come back thats for sure...I feel like I lost about 4 or 5 years of my life the last time I dealt with them...and I'll be darned if they do that to me again...So all of you who are dealing with assured YOUR NOT DYING!! I know it's hard but just take a deep breath and live your life...this too shall pass..=)

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I didn't know this forum existed or if I did I forgot.

I too have had terrible problems with heart palpitations and associated anxiety attacks since turning forty five or so. (I'm almost forty nine) They are troubling especially when they wake me up at night and then I can't sleep. Doctors found nothing. Had none when wearing monitors. I just read the other day they can be associated with perimenopause. Had no idea.

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After going for three days without them, the palpitations reappeared with a vengeance. I'm trying to figure out if certain stressful situations are triggering them -- but, based on what I've read here, I think they have more to do with being in perimenopause. I'm trying not to let them concern me too much, as I really don't want to get a dozen tests done only to be told everything is fine. On the other hand, if this continues for another month, I guess I'll bite the bullet and see a cardiologist. My doctor never seems to make a link between my symptoms and perimenopause -- frustrating.

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Most doctors don't make the connection but it's a fact that they are connected...I know theres other reasons for having them and they are very common in men dad had to deal with these bad boys....I just wanted to reassure everyone that they are not uncommon in pre menapausal women and that alot of us are going through the same thing.

I also wanted to ask if anyone else feels like their stomach gets upset or like they have indegestion while having palps?

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Thank you for the reassuring words. I started getting these a few months ago and sometimes they are intense! I've been on blood pressure and cholesterol meds for years, and the dr. did an EKG and saw nothing (I wasn't having palpitations when she did the test of course). I don't understand why doctors in this day and age don't make the connection between menopause and heart palpitations, as well as the many other symptoms. It is really frustrating to me and sometimes I feel so alone. I found this forum about two years ago when I was having the off balance feeling really bad. I still get that but it seems to come and go. Will this stuff ever go away?

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Hi Paulas2cents, I wish I had a definate answer for you...from other peoples posts i've gathered that either these feelings do go away or they get better and arent as bad or they go completely it just depends on the person I guess...I personally am going to try the healthy way. I'm overweight right now and don't have the greatest diet...I try but continue to "fall of the wagon". I recently watched a documentary on juicing for health and healing. So, being as desperate as I am..I am going to try it...what do I have to bad health? lol So i just started a 10 day juice fast and I'm going to start walking everyday...My doc told me yesterday (I was diagnosed with GERD) that I need to lose weight and excercise and this should help me immensly. So this is what Im going to do. Im very motivated right now as I have 2 young children and have no energy for them. that makes me feel really bad. I hate that I cannot keep up with them. My poor husband is being so understanding and supportive and I really want to do this for him and us.

Anyway, don't let the palps get you down. I remember when they use to scare the bejesus outta me! and they still do sometimes...but I've learned to ignore them and get on with my life....they won't kill you theyre just really really REALLY annoying! Just know that you are NOT alone.

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A lot of medical professionals seem clueless about the multitude of symptoms that seem to be perimeno related. It is VERY frustrating. I suffer with palps, too. Renjenlo, regarding the palps and indigestion, I was reading in another thread that if you have GERD (reflux/indigestion) that can be associated with palps. I never knew that. The palps can be very scary. I've awoken at night and thought I was having a heart attack. I get so agitated I feel like I need to go to the ER; but after seeing a cardiologist and being assured it is not something serious or heart related, I try to calm myself down but it is very hard. Something I discovered is that the artificial sweetener Splenda is very, VERY bad for me and causes panic-like sensations and palps. When I cut that out, I felt much better.

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After I searched "heart palpitations" and "shortness of breath" here, I decided to post to this thread as it seeems to contain the most current (2012) posts. (Aside: I'd forgotten about my account since our 2007 home remodel!) What a RELIEF to find this forum.

I'm 52 and after 2 months of continuous bleeding, and having various symptoms where I couldn't quite differentiate between heart palpitations, shortness of breath or fatigue or all of above (now I know whey the hospital department is called "cardio-pulmonary") and an overall feeling of low oxygen intake, I started on my multi-MD and testing quest. Plus I had a UTI, 2 years of prolonged acute stress, and am now finally tapering off my benzodiazapene dose, which can cause similar symtoms.

Inconclusive conclusions: Went back to OB/GYN (now just a GYN) and 2 MDs to rule things out. Uterine ultrasound, uterine biopsy, chest x-ray, full blood workups (CBC, Lymes, Lipids, Metabolic, autoimmune panel) were all negative and actually my numbers are better than they've been in 5 years!

Started natural progesterone to stop the bleeding and go back to my GYN and MD soon.

How frustrating is all this, it's not like I'm an MD or anything! I also just ordered Dr. Christiane Northrup's book "The Wisdom of Menopause."

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Hi all,
I posted this on this site but in another (but same condition) topic heading. Hoping I can get some answers/responses as I,have the same issues with heart palms and BP spikes. I have been checked out by multiple Drs as well as emergency room visit for panic attack and my numbers are normal. Feel like this has got to be menopause related:
"I came upon the menopause forum in this site and read the responses you had back in March. Ie heart palps, anxiety, and ringing ears. I too have the exact same symptoms. I am 53 and into menopause. I have elected to go ahead and try hormones as I am at my wits end. I have been on them just over a month and a short while I thought things were looking better but not so the anxiety and ear ringing is back. I have a call in to my Endo Dr.. While I wait for an appointment I was hoping to find some answers. Did any of you have any luck or find any thing to help? I hope you folks are still monitoring this forum as my symptoms. I have tried a few anti depressants/anxiety meds but the side effects are just too much for me to handle and quite frankly I do not want to be on these meds. I feel this is related to menopause - so there must be an answer out there. I have not had much luck with my PCP or GYN, they just look at me and tell me to get some meds and as I said earlier not for me tried them and don't seem to help. I just started with this Endo Dr (he prescribed the hormones) but he is very busy and my 2nd appointment is not until November I am trying to see him sooner with no luck. Any words of wisdom?"
Hope to get some responses and thanks ahead

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Hope you found some answers. This is a follow-up to my post on 9/15/12. The bio-identical progesterone (generic Prometrium) stopped my bleeding and I finally started to feel better. I also experienced way fewer side effects w/the Prometrium vs. synthetic. At this point MDs are attributing the symptoms to my body trying to rebalance itself plus keep up w/all the blood loss (though it wasn't heavy it was prolonged) and if it happens again I'll take an iron supplement w/B-12 right away so I'm not playing catch up the whole time. Good luck!

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