Can anyone relate, or am I just crazy?

taunia1June 22, 2002

I just started using the progesterone cream a few weeks ago. I am almost 46. I have been in premenopause for a few years. Just had a baby 2 1/2 yrs. ago! I have hot flashes that are unbearable. It seemed like the symptoms AMPLIFIED when I got my tubes tied right after the birth of my son. I have grown children too. (oldest 27). Everything's driving me crazy! Hot flashes, weight gain, emotional rollercoaster, heavy periods; like when I was 15 Y.O., exhaustion, short temper outbursts, etc. Can anyone relate? I can't use prescribed HRT; my mom had a mastectomy a yr. ago. Thanks for listening.

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Oh, by the way, this is really affecting my memory too.

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Hi taunia :o)

I can certainly relate to the hot flashes, memory loss, weight gain, etc. The only difference between us though is that I am in menopause or through it I guess. I haven't had a period in two years. In any event, I tried many different HRT's over the past two years and finally gave up because of so many side effects. I feel great now, but the hot flashes came back with avengance!!! Through The Vermont Country Store, I purchased a gel called Feminine Balance. I have used it twice a day for two weeks and my hot flashes are gone :o) I have put the link below. One of the other gals here (Ruby) recently posted that B6 is helping her with water retention. I am going to try that, as I sometimes have a problem with water retention. As for memory loss, I don't have any suggestions. With me, I find myself very often at a loss for the right word or I find myself very scattered. I hope someone else out there has a suggestion.

Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Vermont Country Store

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Hi taunial,
Sorry you're having such problems. Yes, I'm going crazy too. I'm 52, and have been having thinking problems, GI problems, anxiety, panic, headaches, etc., etc., etc. for about 5 years. I haven't tried it, but I have heard that black cohosh is really good for symptoms, especially hot flashes. Be sure to get it from a really reputable herb and supplement company. Good luck.

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Ok gals, payday, I'm going to try the black cohosh. I've heard positive things twice now. I'll let you know if I see some results. How long does it usually take? BTW, does anyone ever get the screamin meanies? My grown children used to call me "ole' yeller". I thought they were talking about the movie. LOL. I just don't want this nick name with the younger kids. I call them my 2nd batch. I've said before I have a 27 & 22 year old, and a 2 & 4 year old. I hate this emotional rollercoaster! You ladies are great support & I want to thank you.

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Good luck taunial......I hope you get some relief. (I'm sure my kids could easily call me ole yeller too!!) I'm a real drag to be around........... I don't even like being around myself!
Please let us know how the black cohosh goes. I'm sure you probably need several weeks of taking it consistently, to really find out how it will be. I don't have hot flashes (I have cold flashes), but I'm sure tormented in various other ways! Good luck and let us know.

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I can relate, too. I've been going through these symptoms for 9 years now. I go through phases of symptoms, but can identify with the memory and thinking thing. My husband thinks I'm nuts half the time. Right now I'm going through the night sweats and insomnia again. I went to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 12:46 AM, feeling like it was morning. I tossed and turned for about 30 minutes and fell back into a fitful sleep (sweating of course). What a drag. The only thing I take now is B6 (which helps me with fluid retention) and Vit. E. I've tried the Progesterone Cream and other supplements, but didn't notice any difference.


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Hi everyone :o)

I understand that the black cohash may take up to a month to kick in. The bottle that I picked up advises to take it three times a day, with meals. I have been using a natural progesteroneH gel which has worked wonders in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, I left it in our trailer and have not been able to use it for about 10 days. ARGH...the hot flashes are back, so I am back on Black Cohash until I can get up to the trailer.

It was interesting to read Ruby's post about the symptoms coming in phases. I am back to having a difficult time sleeping. I manage to fall asleep, but my sleep is very light and the slightest thing wakes me. Dang, is there anyone out there who has had any luck with something for sleep?

Well ladies, I will be on vacation for the next 10 days. I hope everyone has a great 4th. I turn 49 tomorrow and I'm not sure how I feel about it...yikes, one more year to 50.

Hugs to all,

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Happy birthday, Sarah. Yes, I'll be hitting the big 50 in October. I feel fine about it; just resent the perimenopause symptoms interfering with my life. I think it's the loss of control that bothers me the most.


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Talk about Brainfog! I was just thinking, "hey......we're all around 50......this seems to be happening mostly to people around that age!" DUH!! (Just forgot which health forum I was on!!)
Happy Birthday Sarah! :)

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Bumping up another oldie. (-post, I mean!) :-)

Taunia, the OP, contacted me by phone last p.m. and her monitor is fried, so she may not be back for a while. But I wanted to respond to her post here anyway.

It's a shame we might appear "crazy" to others when we have our outbursts or mood swings, and it does seem like our sanity is affected, but it's not insanity! What I mean is, I think these are common symptoms.

However, I was researching hypothyroidism (and I'm beginning to wonder if there's some connection between that and menopause), and the foggy thinking is listed as a symptom. Maybe it's a symptom of both. I sure do suffer from it! Seems these days I often have to grope for the right word and other times I use a totally wrong word for what I'm trying to say. Embarrassing!

I read that depression is not supposed to be a symptom of menopause, although I don't know if I believe that's true; it IS supposed to be a symptom of hypothyroidism. I hope to get tested for that soon. And I'm going to urge Taunia to do the same.

The thing about the black cohosh that concerns me is: how do we know how much is the right amount to take for our own particular needs? Also, it's difficult to tell what kind of standards a company uses when selling these herbal remedies... I believe in natural as much as anybody, but I have to be leery about some of these companies. They're trying to make a buck, too, just like pharmaceuticals.
As for soy, I'm hearing more and more that soy powders etc. can't really claim to help; that the only benefit is from eating the actual beans (and a fairly large serving, I believe). I find the toasted ones in the produce dept. of my Walmart. They're good fiber if nothing else! :-)

Best wishes Taunia, when you read this, and all our fellow sufferers!! :-)

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i have all the problems youre having. whren OI had a hysterectomy 4 years ago thats when all mine started. My dr gave me a book to read ,very good book everything Ive been experiencing and feeling. There were stories of women who committed suicide thinking something was seriously wrong with them . I know it appears as though you have every dreaded disease at the time. Hope there are better days ahead. Just in past 5 years Ive had no energy what is that!!!My eyesight is getting bad, cant sleep,although I started walking every morning for excercise I am getting some sleep,always feeling bad. Im 47 . How long does this take? I also have hypo thyroidism,that doesnt help that has numerous side affects by itself.

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Seems these days I often have to grope for the right word and other times I use a totally wrong word for what I'm trying to say

omgosh, me too!! i just turned 44 and i gotta say, this last year (especially the last three months) has been a real PITA!! if men suffered from this crap there'da been a cure 1000 years ago :oP~ ~ ~ ~

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The memory thing, definitely. I think ginko is supposed to help with that--but then you have to stay out of the sun. For sleep tryptophan is supposed to help--works for my MIL. I'm 47.

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I'm really going to bump this post up! Just wanted to add my experiences to the list: I went off the pill after taking it for years to control my periods. When I turned 50 in November, I really thought about what stage of life I am at. I had lost 54 pounds, started walking alot, eating better, things like that. So I decided to go off the pill to see what would happen. Well, HELLO hot flashes, cold sweats, no sleep, the whole bag. So I bought Remifemin,and it works for me. Two a day--the ingredients include black cohosh, something to calm me down, and something for sleep. It's too bad that there isn't more help out there, but women used to die at a much younger age than now. It'll take time for research to catch up. I don't really believe in hpt because it's natural for periods to stop and estrogen to drop. Why did anyone decide it needed to be replaced? Some man that was sick of his wife's hot flashes, probably. As for memory, I keep a notebook. Of course, I lose it alot! Glad to finally be smart enough to rid myself of the toxic things in my life,though, and stick to what's important. That's what being 50 teaches you!

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Hello, I am new here and I'm so happy that I found this site!
I have all of the above symptoms.
I have been taking soy isoflavones for about 5 months now and they definately have helped although not as much as I would have liked. I have been taking two a day and they are 50 mg each. I am now starting 3 a day to see if if helps more. I don't have any hot flashes during the day, they start up in the evening and I have a few during the night (some nights are worse than others)
BUT what I wanted to tell you is that I got a very pleasant surprise from taking the soy supplements. Before I started taking them my cholesteral was 294 and after 3 months on being on them my cholesteral went to 226. That is a huge drop. I never realized that the soy would do that until I read up on it after my 'much' better cholesteral test results came in.
I did take black cohosh for a while but my gyn told me that if you have any bleeding during menopause that black cohosh can increase it.
Hope this information might help someone.
Mean while since my symptoms are not as bad as other have them, I am grateful.

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Be very wary of black cohosh supplements. I read an article in a chemistry magazine that did studies on herbal medicines and many either do not have the right species, the right form, dosage, active ingredient, etc. I'm sure there are good products out there, but I would do some research to find out which ones are good. The average bottle you buy in ye olde generic quick mart is probably useless.

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