numbness in extremities anyone?

jaysavJune 27, 2010

I am 52 was pretty normal until my period stopped for 8 months. Now I have aches and pains, high heels kill my feet and I get numbness in my feet and legs, extremely cold hands. I already have seen my family doctor and he sent me to a neurologist, had mri of brain, neck and back. Enough blood work to last a few years. My hot flashes, mood swings and crying jaggs are mild in comparison.

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Hi jaysav,

I am 54 and the same thing no period for 8 months and then WHAM started bleeding heavily and on the 4th of July no less. Just started to have numbness in my feet and legs. I just went to the Dr. for a referral for a Mammogram and Colonoscopy and also told her about my Mood swings, crying, getting angry and told her I needed something. Was put on 20mg. of Paxil and that's when I noticed the numbness. She wants to do fasting labwork, for Diabetes, Thyroid, Kidney, and Cholesterol function. Do you take any supplements? I have been taking 2000 mg of Fish Oil, 1200 mg Calcium w/ Vitamin D, 2000 mg. of D3 and a Thyroid Complex. I also wanted to mention that I am about 40lbs overweight, which doesn't help matters. Now my blood pressure is borderline high. It's hard to get motivated when you feel like crap!!!

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Hi Earthygal,

Glad to get a response! I was taking multi vit,omega 3's,cod liver oil,curcumin (for aches) which seems like the only thing that really works. Now taking products from Mitchell May for 2 weeks Powder supplement, womens vit, vitamin C. Other products from health food store Calcium-Mag combination,curcumin. I tried to stop everything else but that didn't work too many aches.
From what I understand reduced hormone levels can cause just about any symptom. I am not taking any prescribed meds because no doc is listening that closely. My new gyno gave me a pamphlet and a diet sheet, I called administration and changed gyno's, haven't scheduled an appointment yet and yes it was a woman!! I am sorry but I am about the same amount overwieght as you and women that weigh 110 lbs are having big issues with meno also.

I hope you were entertaining at home on the 4th and not at the park. We have to pick our battles with meno, what are we going to ignore this week and what will we allow ourselves to freak out about. I went to a baseball game last night, gave all these requests park close to where the seats are, not too many stairs etc. what do I do as we are leaving? Stumble going up the stairs and almost fall, same thing I did last time. It's like I have to stand for a minute and work out the kinks before heading out.

I hope you are having a good day. I have rambled enough come back to this thread if you want to follow up or I was unclear about some thing.

Sending Good Thoughts JaySav

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