dfromtexasJune 22, 2010

After reading the topics it looks like I have found a home. I'm 50 and here lately it has been rough. I have night sweats, heart palipatations, anxiety, dizzy, light headedness, it feels like there is not enough air in the room also, and I never know when I will start my period or when it will stop. And thats just to name a few. I went last week and had blood and urine work and it all came back normal. Go for a Wellness checkup in 2 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I may need to ask the Dr? Or is this just the way life will be for now on??

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Make sure you are being heard by your doctor, that is half the reasurrance you need to help you feel better during this process. Follow you instincts. You may want to ask about low dosage hormone replacement, if you are sure you need that kind of support at this time and are comfortable going that route. Also discuss natural solutions.

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Thank you. What I hate is the dizziness because I never know when it will hit. And the heart palipatations, anxiety, dizzy, light headedness didn't start until about 2 weeks ago. UGH this is not for sissy's!!

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The racing heart is the worst isn't it? When it first happened I didn't know what to think and it was frightening. I did find that if I made myself really relax, slow deep breaths, relax shoulders, arms, head, etc. my heart slowed sooner.
I hope you have a doctor who will first suggest some natural solutions. If he/she immediately jumps on HRT, I'd be wary. When I started menopause my doctor immediately wanted to put me on HRT. I'd read enough that I didn't want that so I switched to a more holistic doctor and am very greatful that I did.

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Just wondering...when the dizziness starts how long do they normally last ya'll? I got dizzy last night while eating supper and it has not gone away. When I walk I have to keep my hand on the wall or cabinet or whatever is close to keep steady. I went this morning and bought groceries and before I got out it got so bad I almost paniced afraid I couldnt get my feet to do what my brain was telling it to. This is so crazy. It's almost imobilizing.

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I hate to tell you this , but it's MENOPAUSE! I'm 54 and had all those symptoms at the same age you are.It has gotten better, believe me it will, just read any and everything you can, that is you're best defense.I take supplements Omega 3's, Vitamin E, any Multi- Vitamins for Women no IRON and also find any books on the subject especially by Christine Northrup, she has a PH.D very knowledgable on this and funny too. Sometimes you can catch her on PBS. Don't give up, it will get better!!!

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I take a multivitamin and minerals also and they really make a difference in my energy level. The phytoestrogen I take has made a big difference in the frequency and severity of menopause symptoms.

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Had my thyroid and andrenals tested and the adrenals were stressed and my thyroid was underactive. Started taking a natural medicine and a lot of my symptoms have disappeared. Still have night sweats and my periods are crazy. I was dehydrated to. If you will look up each symptom for the adrenal, thyroid and dehydrated they mimic perimenopause. I've done a lot of research on all four and knew there had to be a lot going on except just perimenopause. Hope this helps someone.

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Dear dfromtexas, so glad for you that youre feeling better. What natural medicines are you taking?
And earthygal52, Why did you recommend vits without IrON. Is there a contraindiction to taking one while on menopause. I have iron deficiency anemia and part of my daily meds regimen include iron, omega3, flaxseed, ginger root tablets and prempro.

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I'm also curious why menopausal women would not need iron.

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I've been taking Catalyn, Symplex F and Drenamin. Oops I forgot Standard Process makes them.

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I don't take Iron, because after you stop having periods you don't need it. Unless your Dr. advises to take it, we usually get enough in our diet. If you're anemic, you might have Fibroids or some other reason that you are losing too much blood. I was bleeding profusly every 2 weeks but even then I wasn't anemic. Finally at the age of 48, I had an Endometrial Ablation. Didn't bleed very much after that, thank goodness. Every person is different of course. What works for one doesn't always work for another.

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