jaynelouiseJune 7, 2010

Hello, I have been having a lot of 'arthritic' type pain for the past 6 years - I am 49 now - I haven't had a period for over two years. I am sooo tired of trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have been told it's fibromyalgia also myofacia pain. I have 'flare-ups' of pain also getting more anxious/depressed with each flare.

I have recently started to get obssessed with the thought of my elderly mum becoming ill and/or dieing it is taking over my every waking moment - I am so scared by this as I don't think I could ever come to terms with losing my mum - just writing this down is making me panicky - does anyone else understand? Is there anyone who has been through this?

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hi jaynelouise,
I'm sorry you're feeling as bad as you are. If you have a definate diagnosis of fibromyalgia I would suggest you go to one of the forums. There is lots of help from fellow sufferers and someone there might be able to give you some advice. Just type in "fibromyalgia symptoms" and you will find a large site The anxiety and the depression might be associated with menopause or a combination of both fibro and menopause. I had been having really awful feelings of anxiety and dread and was given supplements from a really good health food shop in my area. I was told to take b vitamins and magnesium and I can say it has helped. I was diagnosed with FMS about 9 years ago but my symptoms come and go so I don't know if it was right. I have also had really bad menopause symptoms for about 2 years so the combination of both is horrendous. I too have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for 9 years and sometimes it is just overwhelming. I'm sorry I can't come up with anything else for you but I hope it helps somewhat. Take care.

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